1958's epic football clash between the Giants and the Colts drew a then-record for football spectators of over 45 million television viewers. The game was star studded, both on the sidelines and on the field with dozens of would-be hall of famers, as well as Tom Landry and Vince Lombardi. 

The Best Game Ever: Giants vs. Colts, 1958, and the Birth of the Modern NFL

Written by Mark Bowden, an author who has already proven his chops for making historical topics scream to life on the page, is known for penning the smash hit Black Hawk Down. In The Best Game Ever, football titans of yore are brought to life as Bowden combs interviews detailing the feeling and context of the game in the players' own words. Synthesizing these personal accounts with keen analysis into the social factors of 1950's America that framed the contest, Bowden weaves a compelling, entertaining and fascinating look at the football game that catapulted the sport from a minor concern to the modern powerhouse we know today. 

Enjoying The Best Game Ever Is Now Easier Than Ever

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Published by Brilliance Audio and released in its unabridged form, The Best Game Ever on Audio CD is a great way to get into the story if you prefer to listen to books on tape while traveling or if you want something to unwind to as you wait to fall asleep. The best price on the book on tape of The Best Game Ever is roughly $50. 

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The famous game was played in Yankee stadium three on December 28th, and had packed the venue  with some 65,000 eager fans. Anyone that loves how far football has come today will likely enjoy this carefully researched story of how it became popular. At the time of this incredible battle, most Americans did not consider football to be a major story. 

Themes in The Best Game Ever

History and football buffs alike will find ample material and historical fact to chew on. At the time, the Baltimore Colts were under-funded and working class, yet staunchly proud and dedicated to their fellow players and their collective victory. 

The New York Giants were the well-groomed top picks and favorites going into the showdown. Mark Bowden takes a unique approach to the historical sports narrative by begnning the action in the third quarter and then backtracking to more fully layout the context of the teams, their key players and coaching staff, and the social backdrop that allowed the epic game between the Colts and Giants to elevate American football to the national pasttime it remains today.