Walking on a treadmill may be one of the exercises to lose weight and great for your cardiovascular system, but it is not good for your mind. The monotony can be brain draining and defeat any long session you have planned. In fact, even watching your favorite shows  provides little relief when you are droning along like a hamster on a never ending wheel. What is needed is a mind warp. Treadmill weight loss take time and consistency. Therefore, a warping of the space time continuum is needed so you can occupy your brain while the minutes of boredom tick away.

One of the best things I have found is to take my Kindle Fire HD with me to the gym for my cardio sessions. It works great with the treadmill because it rests perfectly on the display, perfect for reading or playing games. But then again, reading can be boring too. What is needed is something different, something that is so engrossing it will transcend time.

I have tried many apps and games on my tablet but there are a couple of games  I always go back to on the treadmill or the elliptical is Chess and Gin Rummy. These are two of the best apps for working out. If you don’t know how to play either, you should learn. Those types of strategy games keep  the mind fresh no matter where you play it. 

I have been able to stay on the treadmill for an hour or more, at the highest incline simply by playing either of those two games over and over again. There is something about it that allows you to become so involved, that you simply do not notice the passing of time. Again, I have tried other apps and reading ebooks, however, both of these option beats them hands down.

Chess App

I suppose it is the mental aspect of the game that draws you in but it is one of the best weight loss apps when used correctly. You are not using that many brain cells playing Angry Birds, but with chess strategy, every move is thought out, imagined and challenged. And that warping of reality allows you to actually forget you are on a treadmill for Chess Gameextended periods of time.

There are several free chess apps on itunes and Google Play. I have my own personal favorite which I will link to below (free on Google Play and Amazon).

I have found this version to be simple and stable without a lot of bells and whistles. It is exactly what you need from an app for Chess. The design and graphics are good. The user interface is excellent and the chess pieces move easily by selecting a piece then selecting another square to move it to. There is also an “Undo” button if you have to move a piece to a wrong square. The undo option works in every situation unless you move a piece and then the computer moves and puts you in “Check Mate”. You cannot undo a check mate. The game is over.

You can vary the skill level of the computer and I have to say, if you move the slider to expert, it will beat you nearly every time. Honestly, I do not think I have ever beat the expert level. The computer is always on the attack the entire game at that level.

The one thing that I would suggest as an improvement to this app would be the ability to see the captured pieces of your opponent.

Occasionally the app will freeze, but honestly, I think that has to do with it interacting with the Kindle. Sometimes if you are in a gym and you forget to turn off the wi-fi, the Kindle will search for a signal and I think this can initially cause things to slow down a bit for a moment at least.

There are other free chess apps available, and I have tried them also, but I do not need elaborate chess figures fighting it out on screen as one captures the other or anything similar to that. I just want a good, stable app for chess and this provides that.

Gin Rummy App

Gin RummyAnother one of the weight loss apps that I use while I am exercising is a free app for Gin Rummy. You can find this one also on both iTunes and Google Play. Both of these apps that I have highlighted have very good ratings.

I like this game because you can vary the level of the players from beginner to expert. As with the Chess app, if you play the CPU on the Gin Rummy app on the beginner setting, you will always win so if you want a challenge, move it to expert. The games you play with the CPU will end up about half and half.

The game has good graphics and you can select the option to arrange your hand automatically or sort it yourself. The scoring for each player is shown at the end of each game. You play a series of games and the first one to 300 points total wins the set, then you start over.

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chess Kindle Fire HDWhen walking in the gym, don't trust the treadmill calorie calculator on the machine. They are are usually not very accurate and underestimate the amount of calories typically burned.

To get a more accurate result, input your weight about 10 percent more than you actually weigh.

Workout apps are great on the treadmill but in order to make this trick of the mind work, you have to do one other thing. To successfully  distort time on the exercise machine, you must cover the display with a towel, or anything really, so you cannot watch the timer tick away. Watching that timer, even if it is by accident, will destroy the entire mind warp if you can see how far you have been and how long you have been doing it.

So if you do not like either one of these games, then look around and decide for yourself what is best for your treadmill workouts to lose weight. But above all, give it a try. I guarantee you will be able to exercise longer on the treadmill, or other weight loss exercises on the elliptical or stationary bike using a mini tablet with ones of these games to occupy the mind.  

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