Your Android phone is a good device to play games on and there are a lot of great games available in the Android Market. Some of the games in the Market are free or are available in a demo version, for other games you have to pay a fee.

But which apps should you have on your phone, which ones are worth downloading? Below you will find an overview of the best games apps for your Android phone.

Crazy Snowboard

Strap on your snowboard and start Crazy Snowboard! Crazy snowboard is a great wintersports game with impressive and smooth graphics, in that area definitely one of the better Android games apps currently available in the Market. The snowboard gameplay is divided in missions (like for instance collecting coins) and freestyle. It is easy to control your snowboard figure and the gameplay is addictive because each level is different.

Bonsia Blast

Bonsia Blast is a free and very addictive game with an enjoyable and polished gameplay. The goal of the game is to shoot in a beautiful Zen garden marbles to match 3 (or more) and create specific combos to cause a chain reaction. If you like games like Bejeweled and Tetris, then Bonsai Blast definitely needs to be on your Android phone!

Angry Birds

Angry Birds was one of the games, which was highly anticipated by owners of Android devices and it is finally available in the Market. In most countries Angry Birds is the most downloaded app with millions of downloads.

The goal of the game is to crush green colored pigs by shooting birds with a slingshot. The birds are angry because these evil green pigs have stolen their eggs. The design of the game as well as of the game characters is good. The strength of Angry Birds is its simplicity, which makes it a very addictive game. There are more than 160 levels to play, which will ensure hours and hours of game play on your Android phone or tablet.

The developers of Angry Birds also regularly launch special versions, like for instance Halloween- and Valentine- Angry Birds.

Robo Defense

Robo Defense is a typical tower defense game where you build your defenses, while being under attack by evil robots. You get twenty lives and several tools to build your defense. Robo Defense offers a lot of maps and various levels of difficulty.

The full game costs $2.99, but there is a free demo available in the Android Market to check out the game.


Wordsmith is a crossword style game, similar to the world famous Scrabble. This crossword game supports multiplayer gameplay, you can play Wordsmith with 2 to 4 players, which can be friends but also random opponents.

People with busy schedules can play slowly, while people who want a faster gameplay can play fast thanks to push notifications.

There is a free version, but that Wordsmith version shows ads. There is however also an ad free version available in the Market.

Other Android Apps

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