When it comes to computer gaming, your keyboard is your controller and the centerpiece of your gaming experience.

Gaming keyboards differ from standard keyboards in that they often have stronger construction, have specialized keys and have added features like anti-ghosting for precision and comfort.

Here's the best gaming keyboards for under $100 dollars.

Corsair Vengeance K60 Performance FPS Gaming Keyboard

Corsair K60Credit: www.amazon.comThe Vengeance K60 from Corsair is designed for gaming enthusiasts. It starts off with a professional grade aluminum chassis which provides great durability and stability. Corsair only uses Cherry MX and mechanical keys that provide ultra fast response and low operating force, along with anti ghosting so you never miss a key push. The face includes 10 extra FPS keys for great reaction and overall control.

The keyboard also has a built on palm rest with a soft touch surface for comfort whenever your gaming. Additional features include changeable response rates, gold plated USB connectors and a windows lock for uninterrupted gameplay.

CM Storm QuickFire Rapid Gaming Keyboard

CM QuickFireCredit: www.amazon.comThe CM Storm QuickFire is a solid mechanical gaming keyboard that uses the best selection of Cherry MX switches available. It's designed to be compact and lightweight, while they provide low resistance, reduced noise, linear feedback and extremely accurate keystrokes.

The device itself is set in a black case with red inline accents giving it a nice, aggressive look. The keys are laser marked and feature anti ghosting to prevent missed strokes. This keyboard comes with extra keys and a braided USB cable.

SteelSeries 6G v2

SteelSeries 6G v2Credit: www.amazon.comSteelSeries offers the 6G v2 that again uses the industry leading Cherry MX red switches. SteelSeries designed this around affordability and giving the user more actions per minute than any other product on the market.

The 6G v2 offers extreme durability with a life-cycle of 50 million key presses per key or 10x more than a conventional keyboard. Other great features include complete anti ghosting, gold plated connectors and a durable metal inner chassis.