Creating Atmosphere

Selecting a garden table and chairs that fit into your landscape properly is as important as selecting the proper landscape plants, house color, or patio material. There are a variety of tables and chairs for your garden to think about, and your choice may mean the difference between a formal garden and a much more laid back one.

Find out what your garden table and chairs says about you and your garden. Here are the most popular garden sets around with a quick description of why you should select them.

Bistro Set

The classic bistro set is a very attractive addition to a landscape that adds a formal touch. Because bistro sets are normally rather ornate and made with formal patters or designs in them, they are best suited for a formal setting, such as the front porch or a small patio.

Bistro sets will almost always come with two small chairs and a round table - a traditional look indeed. In fact, it is this small footprint that makes these sets to formal and neat in the front of a home. Coupled with some potted plants or flowers, a bistro set adds instant curb appeal to any home.

Bistro sets are for sitting and visiting with neighbors or having a cool drink on the front porch. They are not nearly as well suited for a long span reading a book. For that purpose, a more comfortable option exists.

One thing to consider with a bistro set. You will find them in aluminum and steel. Aluminum is lightweight and easy to move but not as strong. Steel is heavy but very strong. Choose the right material based on your needs.

Glass Table and Padded Chairs

If it's comfort you want and don't mind the informal look or size of these sets, a standard glass top table and 4 padded chairs is about as comfortable as you can get for a patio or deck sitting combo. In fact, as a table and chair set for a deck, it's hard to best this setup, since even long spans in padded chars is comfortable.

Padded chairs tend to have some bounce in them or even rock, further adding comfort, though some people prefer a more stationary seat. The glass top table is easy to clean and won't let small things drop to the floor, making it a good surface for an outdoor lunch or dinner.

Glass patio tables and padded chairs don't look that great in front of a home and tend to take over the view, so they are best left to the informal family area in the back yard.

Metal Garden Table and Chairs

If you are looking for durability in a patio set that is slightly more formal than a glass table and padded chairs but still comfortable and capable of staying outdoors all year, a metal table and chairs combo may be just right.

A metal table is perfectly suitable for eating but with small holes it will let food fall through which may or may not be an issue. The good thing is that rain will dry quickly where it might pool on a glass top table which is nice. Metal chairs are normally stationary, which means they are very supportive and strong. This is a benefit to many people.

A metal table and chairs garden set can be brought in for the winter to protect the finish or left out for several years before it requires a new paint job. Expect to get 5-8 years in full weather before you'll want to give it a facelift.

Adirondack Chairs and Table

For the greatest in relaxation and informality, there is no beating a nice Adirondack garden table and chairs set. The Adirondack style is synonymous with comfort and the chairs just beg to be used for reading a good book or enjoying a glass of lemonade in the summer.

Adirondack furniture works almost everywhere. On the front porch it is inviting and warm, on the patio it invites visits, and these chairs work well even on a grassy surface for watching the kids play. You can find Adirondack furniture in both wood and plastic, depending on your style.

White Adirondack chairs are the traditional color, but these chairs also look right at home in a wide variety of bright colors like orange, sky blue, or lime green. Adirondack furniture is a great way to make a colorful statement in your landscape and add comfort at the same time.

The Classic Picnic Table

If you have a family and are looking for the most classic style of all for lunch and dinner, it's pretty hard to beat a solid picnic table. Whether you leave it natural or paint it a bright white or other color, a picnic table is as utilitarian as it gets.

The great thing about a picnic table is that it can sit in th grass and be moved around as you see fit. It will seat 8 easily and is solid as a rock.

It's pretty easy to find kits or sets locally, but if you want to try to save money on this value furniture you can also easily find building plans and do it yourself. Just imagine the pride of sitting at your own homemade picnic table.

Which Garden Table and Chairs is for You?

Now that you have some things to consider, it's time to pick the right set for your needs. Any of these sets will work in nearly any landscape, but here's the bottom line if you need further advice. For the most formal look out front, consider the bistro set. For utility and strength on the deck or patio choose metal. For ultra comfort on the deck or patio go with a glass table and padded chairs. To add beauty to a casual setting in the yard select Adirondack furniture. Finally, to feed the troops or do it yourself, the classic picnic table is the choice. The best garden table and chairs for the atmosphere you want is very likely one of these sets.