Choosing gifts for children may seem easy but it can be harder than you think, especially if the young recipient is rather picky. No matter what type of kid he or she is, these fun goodies comprise the best gifts for kids that are sure to be a hit.

The Boy
Everyone knows a little boy who is truly in every sense of the word a boy; from dinosaurs to monster trucks, he loves anything that can roar, speed, or crash. Subsequently, opt for interesting toys that will captivate his short attention span – think action figures, Walike Talkies, remote control cars, and anything that has to do with robots.

The Brainiac
This little one is a protégée in the making so look for gifts that will help stimulate the brain. For example, how about a complex 3D puzzle or age appropriate word games? If he or she enjoys reading, look for fun, fascinating books relevant to their interests, like a book about space or how to conduct science experiments at home.

The Girly Girl
The antithesis of the true boy, the girly girl really is "sugar and spice and everything nice!" She loves all things pink, frilly, and princess so giving anything that has to do with any of those very girl things is sure to score some points. A few ideas include a princess outfit (akin to those sold by Disney), a frilly purse, or a makeup kit (again, as long as it is age appropriate).

The Tomboy
Gifts that have anything to do with the outdoors is apt for a tomboy (or a regular boy for that matter). If you live near a body of water, how about a fishing pole set? Or opt for a new skateboard, bike, or other athletic equipment.

The Artist
For kids with an artistic flair, anything that fosters their talent will make a perfect gift. For instance, give a vibrant colored pencil set and a bona fide artist pad. For older children, you can even include paints and chalk. Other ideas include kids craft kits where they can design and decorate something like a t-shirt, picture frame or flower pot.