Are you tired of going to the salon and spending time and money to get your legs or eyebrows waxed? Why not do it at home with one of the Gigi wax warmers. Or maybe you're a cosmetologist and work at a solon and need a new wax warmer. With all the different Gigi warmers there is sure to be one that will work perfect no matter what the application. Below you will find some examples of the best Gigi wax warmers available. Read along to find which is right for you.


Gigi Wax Warmers for Home Use




Let's start with the least expensive model for the casual user and work toward to the Gigi Wax Warmerbest of the best Gigi wax warmers for professional use in a salon. The first is the Gigi Space Saver Wax Warmer this is small in size measuring only 5 5/8 inches wide and 4 inches tall so it takes up a minimum amount of counter space which is perfect for home use especially if your home is an apartment. It melts any type of wax and is designed to hold 8oz, 14oz, and 18oz cans of wax. With just an on/off switch it takes twenty to thirty minutes to melt the wax thoroughly, all in all a good warmer for the money. The next on the list is the Gigi Honee Wax Warmer with adjustable heat control and indicator light. This warmer has a see through lid that keeps your wax from becoming contaminated. It will work with all types of waxes and most wax container sizes.


Professional Use Gigi Wax Warmers

Let's move on to the more professional models like the Gigi Digital Wax Warmer. Designed toGigi Digital Wax Warmers accommodate 14oz pots of wax this warmer has a digital temperature control that allows you to find tune the temperature of your wax for ideal use. An industrial grade heater this model is made for all day use for even the busiest of professionals. It has the same features as the lower end models only better making it one of the best of all Gigi wax warmers. The last model we will discuss is the Gigi Double Wax Warmer that is designed with two wax wells for professionals that need the use of more than one wax. Each side can be thermostatically controlled and like the other Gigi warmers will work with all waxes in 14oz sizes.

With all you've learned here about Gigi wax warmers it should be easy to find a model that meets your needs and help you with your waxing at home or work.