Giorgio Armani is a high-end fashion house, specialized in men’s and women’s clothes, eyewear, accessories, cosmetics and perfumes.

The Giorgio Armani fragrance line consists of more than 40 perfumes for women and men, with the well known Acqua di Gio and Armani code as the best selling fragrances.

Below you will find an overview of the best Giorgio Armani colognes for men.

Acqua di Gio Giorgio Armani

Acqua di Gio is one of the best selling fragrances in the world. This fresh cologne from Armani consists of jasmine, rosemary, neroli, dates, rose, mandarin, patchouli, cedar, citrus, musk, and khaki. This composition creates a masculine fragrance that is both fresh and sensual.

Diamonds Men by Giorgio Armani

After the successful launch of the Diamonds for Women perfume, Armani in 2008 introduced Diamond Men, targeted at the modern, urban and masculine man. The ingredients of Diamonds Men include, bergamot, pepper, cedar, wood, vetiver, citrus and cocoa, creating a tough and sensual cologne.

The bottle was created by Giorgio Armani and has a remarkable stylish and sleek diamond shaped design.

Attitude by Giorgio Armani

The characteristics of this fragrance include lemon, coffee, cardamom, lavender, cedar and patchouli, giving this cologne an oriental touch. The combination of herbs and woody ingredients creates a seductive and powerful fragrance for modern men.

Attitude is wrapped in a remarkable masculine black bottle.

Attitude Extreme by Giorgio Armani

After the success of Attitude, Giorgio Armani introduced in 2009 the stronger and more intense perfume Attitude Extreme on the market. Extreme Attitude ingredients include: coffee, patchouli, amber, star anise, lemon and cardamom. This mix of ingredients creates an extreme masculine cologne. Armani focuses with this fragrance on the elegant, strong and energetic man.

Like the Attitude cologne, Attitude Extreme is also wrapped in a remarkable masculine black bottle.

Code Homme by Giorgio Armani

Code Homme, introduced in 2004, is a sexy, seductive and contemporary fragrance, composed for modern men with life experience. Code Homme ingredients include lemon, bergamot, olive tree blossom, Guaiac wood and Tonka bean.

Armani He

Armani He is a modern and masculine cologne for vibrant, confident and independent men. The ingredients include: cardamom, yuzu, musk and wood extracts.

Armani introduced Armani He and She in 1998 at the same time. The containers for Armani He and She fit together precisely and are easy to transport or carry around.

Homme by Giorgio Armani

Homme is a refined Armani cologne for classic and confident men, that has been popular since 1984. Armani Homme ingredients include tangerine, lemon, sandalwood, bergamot, cinnamon, coriander, cedar, moss and jasmine. This combination creates elegant and masculine cologne.

Mania Homme by Giorgio Armani

Mania Homme is an elegant and stylish fragrance, combining cedar with musk and amber. It is recommended to use Manio Homme during the evening.

Manio Homme is wrapped in a smoked glass bottle, topped with a gray cap.

Online Best Armani Cologne For Men Promotions

Of course you can find the best Armani cologne for men in perfumeries and department stores, but it often also pays to research the internet, since a lot of specialized online fragrance shops offer attractive online Armani cologne promotions.

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