The Best Giro Bike Helmets

In addition to durability, brand reputability, and great protection that people look for when they purchase safety gear, they also look for models with a great design that will allow them to look great. Giro bike helmets allow the rider to experience all of these features. Although Giro bike helmets have not been around nearly as long as many of the other brand names that offer the same products, they have done a great deal in the amount of time that they have been around. The models of Giro bike helmets that are featured throughout this article can be considered the best in their class; they offer great designs, as well as amazing protection for your beloved head. Use this knowledge before you make a purchase, and you will surely be satisfied with what you have bought.

The Prolight Giro Bike Helmets

With a retail price of only $160 the Prolight Giro bike helmets are one of the greatest models that are available for that price range. Their design provokes a look that seems as if you are flying down a hill going as fast as your bicycle tires will allow. The greatest thing about these Giro bike helmets is that they weight next to nothing at all. If you are a rider that enjoys the great feeling that comes with wearing a piece of safety equipment that weighs a mere few pounds, then these models are definitely for you. The Prolight Giro bike helmets may be one of the moderately priced models within their line; however, the benefits that you will receive for choosing this model over the rest will greatly outweigh the relatively inexpensive cost that you will incur.

The Ionos Giro Bike Helmets

The Ionos is definitely one of the most expensive out of all of the Giro bike hemets that are featured in this article; costing well over $230 it is definitely not cheap. However, this is one of the most remarkable models that is available throughout their entire line, and you will be able to warrant paying that price for it after wearing it only once. In addition to the great styling that comes with every single Giro model, the Ionos Giro bike helmets models carry a great cooling system that they like to call Wind Tunnel Ventilation. This ensures that you will feel comfortable while wearing your protective gear. There is no worse feeling than wearing a piece of protective gear that leaves you feeling uncomfortable, which puts you at more of a risk for having an accident on your bicycle; you will not have to worry about this when you decide to purchase the Ionos!

The Atmos Giro Bike Helmets

The Atmos models fall within the mediocre price range of all of the Giro bike helmets that are featured in this article. They will run you up slightly more than $180; however, that will be the best few hundred dollars that you have spent. This is an all-around great piece of equipment that is great for all types of riders. The 26 vents that are included in this model make it one of the most comfortable pieces of equipment that you will ever wear while riding down your local trails. Its unique rounded shape allow it to properly conform to the exact shape of your head, and allow you to experience the highest degree of comfort no matter how big or small your head is. Although it is not as lightweight as the Prolight Giro bike helmets series, it definitely does not weigh more than a few pounds!

The Saros Giro Bike Helmets

The styling of this model can easily be described as being sleek, easy flowing, and slender. This series carries the most class out of all of the Giro bike helmets that are featured throughout this article. Its retail value is somewhere around the $120 mark, and although its price is relatively inexpensive, it offers the same protection, durability, and reliability as the most expensive models that are featured in this article. The main factor that makes up the difference is definitely the degree of comfort that the models offer; it is not that the Saros model line is not comfortable, it is just that they are not as comfortable as the more expensive models. This may be a not-so-good feature to some individuals; however, some bicycle riders enjoy the rugged feeling that is associated with wearing protective gear that is semi-comfortable.

The Athlon Giro Bike Helmets

This series defines the middle of the upper class of Giro bike helmets; it provides exceptional features, while being offered at a slightly expensive price. One of the most notable features that is available in this series is a ratchet adjustable chin strap; this allows the rider to adjust the tightness of their protective gear without even removing it! It will run you up just over $130, which is a very suitable price when you take into consideration the amazing piece of equipment that you will be receiving. In addition to all of the additional features, this model weighs in at less than 1 pound! This will allow you to easily turn and manoeuvre your head in nearly any direction, which will allow for a much safer ride in general.

When it comes to the safety gear that you wear when you are riding your bicycle, Giro bike helmets should be a priority in your consideration. Their level of brand reputability is absolutely phenomenal, and they offer designs that are unique enough to turn the head of anybody that sees you. All of the Giro bike helmets that are featured in this article are relatively inexpensive, and have enough ventilation to ensure that your head will receive enough air to ensure comfort. The combination of all of these features have allowed this brand to achieve this great reputation. Choose any of the Giro bike helmets that are featured in this article, and you will surely be satisfied with what you have purchased.