Givenchy is a famous fashion house from France, specialized in clothing, accessories, cosmetics and perfumes. The men’s fragrances from Givenchy have always expressed a gentleman’s attitude, like the famous colognes Gentleman in 1975, Xeryus in the ’80s and Pi in the ’90s.

Below you will find an overview of the best Givenchy colognes for men.

Gentleman by Givenchy

Gentlemen was launched in 1974 and is a true classic. It is a timeless and powerful fragrance, aimed at  powerful and seductive men. The main ingredients are cinnamon, tarragon, musk and sandalwood, carrot, honey, bergamot and jasmine.

The Gentleman fragrance is recommended for casual wear.

Xeryus Rouge by Givenchy

Xeryus Rouge was introduced in 1995 and named after the Greek god Xeryus. It is a sensual, strong, fruity, spicy cologne with an oriental touch, aimed at passionate men.

The main ingredients of this fragrance are cumquat, tarragon, red pepper, cedar, sandal wood and cedar wood.

Xeryus Rouge is recommended for casual wear.

Pi by Givenchy

Pi is an adventurous, sensual, oriental, spicy but also refreshing cologne for men, which was launched in 1998. This fragrance is aimed at masculine and romantic men. Mandarin, vanilla, rosemary, basil and benzoin are the main ingredients. Pi by Givenchy is recommended for evening wear and romantic occasions.

Pi is wrapped in an elegant, masculine, geometric bottle.

Pi Neo by Givenchy

Pi Neo was launched in 2008 and is the successor to the Pi cologne. It is a fresh, intriguing and vibrant fragrance, aimed at masculine, sensual and elegant men. This Givenchy cologne for men is a combination of mandarin, bergamot, cedar wood, vanilla, patchouli and myrrh and is recommended for casual wear.

Pi Neo is wrapped in the remarkable bottle that we know from the original Pi product range.

Play by Givenchy

Givenchy in 2008 launched several fragrances for men and Play was one of them.  It is a modern, stylish, warm, soft, fruity and refreshing cologne designed for creative men. The main ingredients are mandarin orange, patchouli, bergamot, grapefruit, amyris wood, bitter orange, black pepper and vetyver. Play is recommended for casual wear.

The Play bottle is very remarkable, because it looks like a MP3 player.

Play Intense by Givenchy

Also Play Intense was launched in 2008. It is a spicy, rich, sweet and warm fragrance for mature men.  Patchouli, mandarin, bergamot, vetiver, coffee flower, tonka bean, labdanum, amyris wood and pink pepper are the main ingredients of this cologne. Play Intense is recommended for evening wear.

The bottle of Play Intense is identical to the bottle of Play, shaped like a MP3 player, but the bottle of Play Intense comes in black.

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When you visit perfumeries or department stores, you can find good offers for the best Givenchy colognes, but it often also pays to do some research on the internet, since a lot of specialized online fragrance shops offer attractive online Givenchy cologne promotions.

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