Some of the Best Google Adsense Earning Tips I've Discovered - Thanks to Infobarrel

My first encounter with google adsense came after I finished building my first personal website as a showcase for my artwork and some of my writing. I signed up for an adsense publisher account and started experimenting with inserting rectangular adsense ad units into different locations on my site's pages. I earned about 2 dollars in 3 months.

However, once I came to Infobarrel and started writing in earnest, I saw rapid and sustained growth in my google adsense earnings. Here are some of the best tips I've discovered on my own for optimizing google adsense earnings while writing on infobarrel or other revenue sharing content platforms.

Stop Checking Google Adsense Every 10 Minutes

Yes, you still only have that one click for 11 cents. Every time you load up to check your earnings, you're not only getting yourself out of your content producing groove but you're dissipating your focus and opening yourself up to the possibility of negative emotions.

Consider it this way: especially when you start off contributing content to web 2.0 platforms and revenue sharing content sites like infobarrel or hubpages, you're not going to start seeing regular clicks for a while. You're not even going to see any clicks on certain days for a while. It simply takes some time to get off the ground and running in terms of google adsense earnings when you're first starting out. Given these facts of life, there's basically only one thing that constantly checking your google adsense earnings can accomplish for you: massive discouragement that further slows your content production even more than your initial self-distraction did.

Why You Should Not Check Your Google Adsense Earnings Every 10 Minutes

If you're just starting out with contributing content to revenue sharing content sites like Infobarrel or hubpages, take some advice that I wish I'd heeded when I first got going - check your google adsense earnings once a week, after the close of day sunday night. Click the "Last 7 days" option in the drop down menu box when you're setting the time period to report. If you've gotten any clicks or money, then great and congratulations. If you haven't (and most likely you won't have) take this as motivation to push yourself even more in the coming week.

If you can learn this habit early on you'll not only save yourself a lot of potential frustration and discouragement while writing on infobarrel, but you'll end up saving yourself a frightening amount of time in the long run. In the infobarrel content production game, time saved translates to more articles written, which translates over time to increased google adsense earnings. Once you start getting a nice amount of regular clicks per week, you can reward yourself by checking your google adsense earnings once per day at the close of the day each night.

Why It's Best To Check Your Infobarrel and Google Adsense Earnings Only Once

This is like opening a present that (should, by this point) always contain some money and it's a nice surprise to see what you've gotten for the day, especially when your google adsense earnings on content sharing sites like infobarrel or hubpages exceed your expectations for that day. More importantly, if you figure that the average earnings obsessed writer can easily spend a minute on average distractedly checking their adsense stats each time they load up their account, and that they do so at least 10 to 15 times per day, and then that they have to account for the time it takes to regain their focus and writing stride, you're really looking at dozens of articles per month that could have been written in the time that was frittered away on adsense.

The saddest thing of all is that checking your google adsense earnings throughout the day is not going to change the ultimate tally at the close of day! Why not save yourself a big OCD headache and just get one final and definitive report a day and increase your monthly article output big time.

If you Get Burned Out on Writing, Just Start Reading Infobarrel Forums

It's understandable and natural that from time to time you'll get burned out and won't be able to bring yourself to write another word let alone another article. When this happens, follow your instincts, listen to your body, and stop. As many successful infobarrel writers have noted, it's better to take a temporary break than to force yourself against your own will and get so burned out that you drop off entirely from producing content for weeks.

However, if you are taking a break for the rest of the day, evening or week but you still want to further your progress toward a financially significant online passive revenue stream, spend some time reading through the infobarrel forums. Read whatever's on the main page, even if you don't think the title pertains to your current focus or skill level. Some of the best game-changing nuggets of wisdom surface from long discussions and threads that started on one topic and ranged to something completely different.

If there's something you don't understand about infobarrel or writing on revenue sharing content sites like infobarrel, post a new thread in the help section of the forum and watch the friendly community members of infobarrel rush to answer it. You can think of building your online revenue stream as a multi-tiered process. You must produce content, but you must also learn skills and techniques to improve the performance of the content you produce. Your google adsense earnings will respond best to a combination of vigorous content production and perpetually refined seo and writing techniques. Therefore, you can think of the time you spend in the Infobarrel forums as also contributing greatly to your google adsense earnings bottom line.

Hitting Your Stride on Infobarrel

Eventually, after a couple of months of reading and writing on infobarrel you will find a pleasant phenomenon beginning to take place. The initial frustrations and road blocks you experienced in the beginning of your google adsense earnings quest will begin to melt away and in their place you will discover your own personal blend of techniques and abilities taking their place. This what many infobarrel writers refer to as finding your voice. Just as every author in a creative writing class is encouraged to find their voice, which speaks in that context more to a personal literary style, so to will you eventually find your own voice in the online content production arena. Online, finding your voice also refers to handling the usual housekeeping duties of seeing your content be well treated by search engines, well trafficked by interested audiences, and well-suited to displaying ads that will get you eager clicks to boost your google adsense earnings. Infobarrel is not only a great place to write, but also a great place to learn.