Gout Is Also Called

The afflictiogout in the toen called gout is also known as gouty arthritis.  But regardless of what you call it, the pain is the same.  And the pain that accompanies gout symptoms can be quite intense and for most people, the only way to avoid it is with a "gout diet".

The condition is a form of arthritis that normally shows up in the big toe.  However, it can also affect the ankles, feet and knees.  Gout symptoms include burning pain that often occurs suddenly, along with swelling of the joints, redness in the afflicted area and stiffness at night time.

Millions of people experience gout probably because the risk factors include excessive weight, overuse of alcohol, and the consumption of foods and liquids that are high in purines.  Foods that can induce the unwelcome presence of gout or, "gout foods" as I call them,  include organ meats, fish, gravies, beans, liver, and poultry.  And liquids such as beer and all other drinks containing alcohol. 

It may take years before you notice symptoms, but more than likely uric acid has been building up in your blood system and deposits have been forming in your joints for a very long time.  As with most afflictions, some people are more susceptible to gout than others.

What about gout prevention?

Gout prevention is actually easier than you might expect.  However, with our dependence on processed foods and fast foods, many of the nutrients that are needed to keep your body healthy are washed down the drain in our food processing plants.  And since the advent of fast food restaurants in the 1950's, hamburgers have become almost a daily mainstay. 

This would'nt be so bad if the hamburgers were actually made from lean, red muscle meat that contains less purines.  However, much of our hamburger and hotdog meat consists of animal organs and leftover "scraps" from the meat rendering plants.Like anything else, processed foods and fast foods are fine if consumed in moderatiogout in the handsn.  But if these foods make up the bulk of your diet, you are destined to suffer disease such as gout. 

There is no substitute for fresh fruit, raw or lightly steamed fresh vegetables, and corn fed beef and poultry to stay healthy and avoid disease.  Start every morning with some fresh fruit, and force yourself to choose an apple instead of a donut for your mid morning snack.  And try to have a nutrient rich dinner every evening.

Drink lots of water.  Water is perhaps the most important ingredient when it comes to preventing gout.  Water enables your body to function properly.  It assists your renal system in ridding your body of highly acidic uric acid.  It also helps to deter crystallization in your joints.  Fresh fruits and vegetables help in this process as well.  They are foods that are dense in water and therefore help you stay hydrated and thereby prevent dehydration which can be devastating in the case of gout.

Are there any gout remedies?

When it comes togout surgery gout, elimination is the best and only remedy as far as I am concerned.  However, if you like your current diet, and you refuse to trade beer and alcohol for water, there is one remedy that I will pass on that seems to work quite well.  Cherries!

  It is believed that cherries might prevent gout (after all, they are a fruit) and may also serve as a relief for gout.  In fact, according to an article in Natural News; "cherries have been proven to be the most powerful medicine in the world for eliminating gout and reducing the pain and inflammation of arthritis".

What do doctors suggest as gout medications?

First of all, medicinal treatment is intended to be short term and not a long term answer to the perils of a debilitating disease like gout.  Medical treatment for gout may include the following:

NASAIDs:  Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.  This will not include aspirin.  Aspirin should never be used to relive pain during a gout attack!  Aspirin can possibly change the uric acid levels in your blood and make the attack worse.
Colchicine: Used to prevent gout attacks.
Corticosterids:  May be administered in pill form or injection.  May be used in place of NSAIDs for people with kidney failure, heart failure, or who are using a blood thinner.

Note: I have included a few "gout pictures" just to visually impress upon you that this is something you should avoid if possible.