The Best Graphite Fishing Rods

The first fishing rods that were created consisted primarily of wood; however, the progression of technology, information, and knowledge has allowed graphite fishing rods to be created. Graphite fishing rods are lighter, more durable, more sensitive, and more comfortable than their sibling models. However, with a selection of models available on the market that tops the hundreds, it may be quite difficult to decide which ones will suit your wants and needs the best. This article lists the top 5 brand names and most popular models in regards to graphite fishing rods; use this knowledge and information effectively, and you will surely be absolutely satisfied with your purchase.

All Star Graphite Fishing Rods

Although the selection of models within the All Star brand is not the widest, you can definitely be sure that you will be receiving a quality product when you purchase one that has their name on it. They nearly specialize in graphite fishing rods, and perform the creation of these rods extremely well. The below listed series' are light and durable; a combination of features that can be considered as "the perfect storm" in the world of fishing gear.

Team All Star Freshwater

Team All Star Inshore

Team All Star Big Boys

ASR Series Freshwater

ASR Series Saltwater

Cast Away Graphite Fishing Rods

Cast Away has done a phenomenal job at building up a positive reputation in the relatively short period of time that they have been out; they have done this mainly through their great selection of graphite fishing rods. Their models are relatively inexpensive, and can be deemed as affordable by many individuals. You should definitely check out the models that are listed below before any others, as they will provide you with the best bang for your buck.

Deadly Dudley

HG40 Titanium



XP 3 Series

Talon Graphite Fishing Rods

An eagle's talons is one of the most important and crucial parts of their body, and survival; likewise, Talon uses their selection of graphite fishing rods to emphasize this cruciality in the sport. A fisherman's rod is literally the heart and foundation of the size and species of fish that they will catch; Talon does a great job at emphasizing this fact. Their models are best known for their durability in extreme conditions; select one of the models that are listed below, and you will surely have it for quite a while.

Light Spinning

Midgar Fly


Hot Shot

Saltwater And Surf

Shakespeare Graphite Fishing Rods

Shakespeare was an artist of his time with his words; moreover, Shakespeare graphite fishing rods can be considered as the artists of the sport. In addition to being light, durable, and agile, they are also visually attractive. When graphite is simply polished it looks great; however, when some extra effort is placed into making it look great, some phenomenal results can be achieved. Shakespeare takes this theory into account, and produces those great results through their models that are listed below.

Ugly Stik Lite

Ugly Stik Tiger Big Water

One Piece Medium Light Action


Two Piece Medium Action

Okuma Graphite Fishing Rods

Okuma is most definitely the oldest, and most reputable brand that is featured in this article; they have developed quite a large selection of graphite fishing rods. Their models are most known for their reputable parts; the genuine Okuma parts that are used in their models rarely ever break. If you are the type of fisherman that enjoys going all out, and casting for the biggest and best species, then these are definitely the models that you should consider.

Guide Select

Salmon Spinning

Solaris Spinning Surf


Great Lake Trolling

With the integration of graphite into the commonality of the sport there have been a ton of brands and models that have arisen from the woodworks. However, it may be quite difficult to sift through these models, and find out which ones are of the top quality, and which ones will suit your wants and needs the best. This article lists and describes the top 5 brands, and most popular models within each brand; use this information to make the most educated decision, and purchase the model that will leave you the most satisfied!