Amp Modeling for Your Computer

Turn Your PC into an Effects Processor

Looking for the Best guitar effects software? There are many programs on the market that you can use to simulate amplifiers and guitar effects which is commonly called amp modeling. These programs make it easy to turn your PC into an amplifier and use a wide variety of effects such as reverb, flanger, distortion, and chorus. Many amp modeling developers have released trail versions of their programs you can use before making a purchase. You’ll need a guitar USB device to use these software programs and get sounds into your computer. These USB devices can be purchased through companies such as Line 6, M-Audio, and many more. In this guide we look at a few of the best guitar effect software programs you can use with your computer.

Line 6 POD Farm and Gear Box

Line 6 Makes Great Amp Modeling and Effects Software

Line 6 POD Farm ScreenshotCredit: Author image

 Line 6 has the POD Farm program and the Gear Box software program for using guitar effects on your computer. I like the POD Farm program because it’s very easy to use and the interface makes changing knobs on amplifiers or adding effects a breeze. You can see each effect or amplifier ina window and easily change settings on the gear. The POD Farm also contains many simulations of famous guitar songs so you can play the classics right away and sound like the original recordings. There are also many download packages available such as a metal shop which contains high-gain amplifiers or an effects package called effects junkie which has a whole host of different guitar effects you can use.  Gear Box is a similar program that you can download from Line 6 and it features the Guitar Port Online where you can exchange tones with other users of the software. Gear Box also contains a number of different guitar effects and like POD Farm you can buy more of them in package deals. The Gear Box program also sounds great. You’ll need addition software programs to record with both POD Farm and Gear Box software. All downloads are available from the Line 6 website.

AmpliTube Effects Program For Guitar

AmpliTube is The Best Modeling Software for PC

AmpliTube provides great guitar amp modeling and guitar effects for your computer. The AmpliTube program c=sounds absolutely amazing and is well worth trying out. They now offer a free version which ships with a few free effects and amplifiers. You can download new effects and other gear through the Custom Shop and try out new gear before you buy it. Each new piece of gear will then become a permanent part of your software. This saves you time and only gives you equipment you will actually use. You can try each new piece of gear for two days before deciding to buy it. The full versions of AmpliTube come with more gear but you can still purchase new equipment from the custom shop for your setup. There are tons of distortions, chorus, reverbs, flangers, and other effects you can use with the program as well as many rack mounted effects. AmpliTube is quite easy to sue and there are also tons of pre-sets and tones created by other users which make finding a decent sound quite easy.

Another plus with AmpliTube is it ships with a four-track recorder which makes it easy to record songs. There is also a speed trainer so you can learn your favorite tunes with the software. The program also features a tuner so you are always in tune. Another plus with this software is that they now have AmpliTube phone versions that you can use with your iPad or iPhone and have guitar effects software right with you wherever you and your guitar go.

Amplifiers With Digital Guitar Effects

Amplifiers with Amp Modeling are Popular for Guitar Effects Processing

Many modern amplifiers feature digital guitar effects software where you can recreate the sounds of many famous amplifiers and effects combinations. These amplifiers make a great alternative to players who can't afford vintage amplifiers or expensive pedals but still want a variety of tones to work with. Most major amplifier makers such as Marshall, Fender, Line 6, and others feature amp modeling amplifiers with some sort of guitar effects built into the unit.  Many of them will attach to your computer and you can edit the effects and come up with your own combinations. you canalso buy floor pedals and other processors that contain guitar effects software you can work with. Digitech, Zoom, and Line 6  are  some of the companies that make  the best digital guitar effects software pedals.

Other Guitar Effects Software for Your PC

Many Options For Guitar Effects for Your Computer

There are other programs such as Guitar Rig that you can use for creating guitar effects but that is pretty expensive. For beginners you should try POD Farm, Gear Box or AmpliTube.  If you are on the go all the time, AmpliTube is great because you can install a version on your phone or tablet and use that to create guitar effects with. These programs don’t sound quite as good as a real tube amplifier but amp modeling and effects have come a long way and you’ll find some very good tones to work with when you use these programs on your computer.

With all these effects software programs you'll need to experiment some to get good sounds. Some of the pre-sets in these programs already sound quite good so you can use those to start with. Once you make up your own tones be sure to save them so you can use the tone at a later time. With some of the programs you can trade tones with othee users of the software. You can often find tones that have been modeled based upon famous songs that actually sound pretty close to the original guitar tone. Have fun with guitar effects software for your computer and the search for that ultimate tone you want. Be sure to experiment and have fun with these programs.