Guitar tablature is a way for musicians who can’t read standard musical notation to read and print music using numbers. The tablature system usually features the regular notes above the staff so the timing of the piece is still there. There are many different software programs that a guitar player can use to write their own tablature and print it out for practice or to build up a musical library. This article looks at several of these software programs for practicing guitarists.

Finale PrintMusic

This program is an easy way to bring your music to life with amazing results. With this program you can print in guitar tablature or regular musical notation and arrange full ensembles or individual parts. You can share your music with MP3 files and the program is perfect for composers, teachers, guitar students, and other musicians who want to arrange and print out regular musical notation and tablature on their computer. The program features an easy setup and it will configure the key and time signature for you, it will transpose and do more for you instantly which saves you time. You can place notes into the program with your mouse and hear them as you write. Use the playback features and hear your entire score so you can make changes to it where they are needed.

Guitar Pro 6

The Guitar pro software program is the standard in tablature editing and this program is used by many guitar players to create tablature files. You’ll find Guitar pro files on many of the guitar tablature databases online. This program features chord, libraries, scale libraries, tuner, metronome, and a virtual fretboard to make playing your tablature easier.  With the software you can enjoy thousands of musical scores already online.

The program provides all the tools you need to compose on the guitar and the multi-track tablature editor is designed for guitar, bass, and other stringed instruments. You can switch between standard and tablature scores with the program for viewing or editing purposes. The program can display any and display the finger positions. The RSE or realistic sound engine will playback what you have written with real sounding instruments. You can enter in tablature with the keyboard, mouse clicks, or a connected USB device that supports MIDI. This is the best software to use if you want to create and play your own tablature files as well as view many files online.


TablEdit has been around for a long time and is a full-features tablature creation program. Use it to create, edit, print, and play your tablature and sheet music for guitar and instruments such as banjo, mandolin, and the bass. The program was designed by guitarists so it’s easy to use for guitar players. The program features high-quality printout so your music will always look its best. The software supports multiple languages such a English, German, French, and Spanish.  You can play your files with complete real time sound control, with balance, voice, and MIDI banks. The program will open and play many of the older tablature files you find online as well as plain text tablature files. Convert the music you play on your MIDI instrument direct into the program. The software supports guitar effects such as bends, slides, grace notes, muted notes, and other effects. Alternate tunings are supported with TablEdit. You can create your own custom chord diagrams for your musical score with the software. This software will help you make great tablature files with a whole ton of amazing features.

Guitar Tablature Program Recommendations

There are other tablature programs on the market but either Guitar Pro 6 or TablEdit are the two better ones. Guitar pro has a ton of great features and many of the files you will find on tablature sites are now done using this program. There is another program called Power Tab which is older that you might want to try but there aren’t as many files for this anymore since the database for these files was shut down several years ago and the program hasn’t had any new releases.  Give Guitar Pro 6 a try it’s worth the price and it will do just about anything you need as far as creating and printing out guitar tablature files.