Like my title says this list is about my favorite guitarists and in my opinion the best ones out there

K. K. Downing and Glenn Tipton of judas priest

Yes I know they are two but lets be honest you can't just choose one from this two.Every song of Judas Priest was a constant battle of this two, on which one is the best guitarist.That gave us some of the best guitar riffs and guitar solos in rock and metal scene.To just get a taste on what I mean just listen to their masterpieces painkiller , electric eye , the ripper and of course breaking the wall .

John Frusciante ex guitarist of Red Hot chili peppers

John Frusciante is simply my favorite guitarist around now. Even though he quit from red hot chili peppers ,his solo album was still mesmerizing and shear brilliance .With his funky tunes and space rock influences he is simply one of the greatest guitarist of our era.Some examples to listen to from the time he was stil member of Red Hot Chili Peppers , Around the world , suck my kiss , hump de bump .From his solo album his best song is the tribute song to maggot brain by funkadelic his masterpiece before the beginning


Gary Moore

The great Gary Moore who unfortunately passed away on 6 February 2011 .

A legend guitarist who could play everything from blues rock to hard rock to heavy metal. His variety of genres he could adapt to is out of this world and he made it look too easy . My favorite song his classic one '' still got the blues'' but more songs to listen are , parisienne walkways , over the hills and far away , out in the fields and oh pretty woman .


Dave Mustaine of Megadeth

In my opinion the second greatest guitarist in heavy metal and metal scene .Extreme solos , harmonic solos , shredding ? any technique there is , Dave has nailed and took it to another level. Need prove ? Peace sells , Never Walk Alone..A Call To Arms , Head Crusher and Good Mourning/Black Friday .


Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin

Thank god for Jimmy Page . Without him the greatest hard rock band in the planet would had never been created. Led Zeppelin grew to a universal band because they had Jimmy to play heavenly riffs and melodies , Jimmy also created what is considered by many as the best guitar solo ever '' stairway to heaven'' and masterpieces like , kashmir , immigrant song , dazed and confused , whole loota love and good times bad times .


Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath

The lead guitarist of black sabbath and the creator of heavy metal.

Just by that they are no more words .The guitarist that gave birth to heavy metal , the guitarist who created the best riffs of heavy metal and the guitarist that influenced so many people to pick a guitar and start jamming around or start their own group . Masterpieces like iron man, war pigs , paranoid , Sabbath bloody sabbath and N.I.B .

And with Tony Iommi these are my favorite guitarists of all time. Thank you all who read this and hope you enjoyed it.