What are the best guitars for beginners? This question has been asked by many beginning guitar players and in this article you’ll learn what type of guitar will work best for you if you’re a beginner or a parent looking to buy a new guitar for your child. There are two main types of guitars the acoustic and electric guitar but people are often confuses as to what is the best guitar to buy in the beginning stages of their guitar playing development. In this article we’ll examine these two guitar types so you can make an informed choice as to which guitar to buy.

Best Beginner Guitar – Acoustic Nylon Strings for Young Students

The best beginner guitar for a student between the ages of 5-10 is the acoustic nylon guitar or “classical” guitar. These guitars make a good choice for guitar students because the nylon strings are soft and they won’t hurt the fingers of the young student. It’s a mistake to buy an acoustic instrument with steel strings for a child because the strings will hurt their fingers and they might be more inclined to want to quit playing.  If your child is playing guitar in school they are probably using a nylon string guitar. You can buy nylon string guitars in a smaller “student size” for younger children too.  Nylon string guitars make it a bit more difficult to play chords on but most beginner students of a young age will only be learning single notes during the early stages of their development on the guitar.  Nylon strings take a bit of practice to change when they get old but a guitar store can show you how to do this or they can change the strings for you.  A nylon string is one of the best guitars you can buy for a beginner because the soft strong strings make them easy to play. These student guitars are also quite inexpensive so you won’t be spending a whole lot of money on one.

Best Beginner Guitar – Electric Guitars for Teenagers

For the guitar student who is in the teenage years an electric guitar is the best choice for the beginner. I can remember when I got my Fender Squier Stratocaster electric guitar as a young teenager it was the best day of my life. An electric guitar is the better choice for a teen because it allows them to not only learn on a great instrument but they are able to play all their favorite rock songs by their favorite bands. Buying them a nylon string won’t allow them to do that. While you do need the added expanse of buying an amplifier with an electric guitar your teenage is going to stick with lessons if they have an electric guitar. They can turn it up and play a song to their friends. Electric guitars are still easier to play than a full acoustic steel string guitar plus they get the added bonus of being able to play most guitar styles with the instrument. Electric guitars are also cheaper than the more expensive acoustic guitars. other great beginner electric guitars include the Fender Squier Telecaster model.

Best Beginner Guitar – Older Students

Older students can either chose a steels string acoustic or an electric guitar since by this stage they will probably want to play a wide variety of different guitar styles. Once the student has reached this phase in their development it’s usually better to spend a bit more money on a good instrument and have something that will last. Acoustic guitars are still harder to play but older teenagers and adults won’t have too much trouble with the steel strings after a few months of practicing. A good acoustic guitar will be easier to play but you will shell out a good chunk of change for one in the process.

Best Beginner Guitar For All Age Groups

For very young guitar students you will want to look for a small student size nylon string guitar which is very easy to play due to the soft nylon strings. This instrument should last for several years of the student’s development.   For teenagers electric guitars are a better choice since this allows the student to play all their favorite music by various bands. If the student wants one an acoustic guitar is also a good choice but these are harder to play due to the thicker strings. For older students either an electric guitar or an acoustic guitar is a good choice but this all depends upon the individual student and the styles of guitar they want to play. There you have the best beginner guitar for all age groups.