Hey people, theboxguy here, and today I'm giving you some gun advice for Call of Duty - Black Ops. With over 40 different guns to choose from, and 5 different categories, it can be daunting, and complicated to choose the right weapon. Do you want a sub-machinegun, or a sniper rifle? Well first, you have to understand that there is no 'perfect' gun. Choosing the right gun depends on the situation, and the surroundings.

First of all, what map are you on. Array? Maybe you'll want something long range, like a sniper rifle, for picking off campers at a distance, or an assault rifle, for running into the complex and taking them on medium-close range.

If your on nuke town however, your really going to want something with a good rate of fire, and a big clip, for example, an LMG.

As you can see, it really depends on what situation you are in.

What attachments you choose are just as important as the weapon. Weapons like SMGs really benefit from the extended mags attacthment, allowing you to keep your finger on the trigger for longer in those vital close range moments. On assault rifles, the reflex sight means that muzzle flash and recoil are less of a distruption to your aim. Sniper rifles are much more adaptable with the variable zoom attachment, allowing you to take on you adversaries from a medium to long range.

So, here is what you came to see, my top 10 reccomended weapons for Call of Duty - Black Ops.


L96 sniper rifle : extended mags. This gun is great for sitting back, and one shot killing enemies as they run like idiots out of cover. Remember to have a claymore guarding your back though. Not reccomended for smaller maps.


PM63 SMG : rapid fire. Jump around corners, and pull the trigger. Laugh as anyone within a 10 metre range hits the deck in front of you. I would reccomend Sleight of hand, and this gun chews through ammo. Not reccomended for large, open maps.


G11 AR : variable zoom. The only assault rifle to have a sniper scope. Great for medium maps, and the powerful burst fire will keep enemies down. Not reccomended for smaller maps though. If you do use a scope, use the scout perk with this.


WA-2000 sniper rifle : ACOG scope. This sniper is very efficient, as only two bullets maximum are needed to kill an enemy, somtimes one. The acog scope makes this gun useable at a surprisingly closer range than most snipers. You should use sleight of hand with this gun though, as only six bullets are held in each clip. Medium sized, open maps are best for this gun.


SPAS-12 Shotgun : no attachment. The only shotgun you should ever use, the spas 12 is the king of close range weapons. If you can get near the enemy, then their time is up! Use this weapon with sleight of hand, or steady aim, and remember to never aim down the sights on this gun. Doing that is a waste of time. The spread of the hipfire on this gun is lethal, and with steady aim you will one shot kill more often than not. Use on smaller, close quarters maps.

#5 :

FAMAS AR : reflex sight. This gun has a stagering rate of fire, and a rather small amount of recoil. It is very efficient for getting killstreaks. The king of medium range, but if the enemy get to close for comfort, then hipfire them to death! Customise the reflex sight as you would like. I reccomend sleight of hand for this loadout.

#4 :

COMMANDO AR : flamer attachment. This is a very reliable gun. Its medium rate of fire, and simple, clear iron sights are always capable of getting you out of tough situations. If they get too close, toast them with your flamer. This gun can be used on most maps. Go for steady aim, as the hipfire on this gun is very dangerous aswell.

#3 :

KIPARIS SMG : extended mags. A small, fast gun, with lots of firepower. Never to be underestimated, its lethal when hip-fired at close range. use with steady aim. Medium to smaller maps are good for this gun.

#2 :

AK74U SMG : extended mags. Lower rate of fire than the kiparis, but, at close range, and with steady aim, this is the most reliable gun of them all. It will almost never let you down. Because the iron sights on this gun are good, you can use it on large and small maps.

#1 :

STONER 63 LMG : extended mags. This is my best gun, beacuse once you've aimed, the enemy is already dead. The larger clip, with the staggering rate of fire make this gun the ultimate for meduim to long range. used with sleight of hand pro, for faster aiming is easily the best perk to use with this weapon. good for smaller and larger maps, but remeber hip firing on this gun is not the best way to use it. sit back, instead of rushing forwards. It definetly pays off!

Thanks for readng my article on the best Black Ops guns, and i hope that these guns work out as well for you as they do for me! :) Remember, stay reloaded! :P