If you work in an area filled with dust particulates, mold spores, or even gases, you're going to want to find the best HEPA respirator mask, filter or cartridge possible for the job at hand. High Efficiency Particulate Arresters, also commonly referred to as P100/N100 air filters and masks, are the most efficient products of their kind. A standard HEPA respirator will have about 99.7% clean air for all that passes through the filter system, giving you optimum protection from harmful particulates of all kinds, within .3 microns of the air. Finding the best HEPA respirator mask, filter, or cartridge for you or your employees doesn't have to be as hard as you think, thanks to the internet.

3M HEPA Respirator Masks, Filters, and Cartridges

3M is world renown for their dust masks, filters, and other accessories of this sort, and they have some of the best HEPA respirator masks and filters for cheap prices available. Whether you're a welder working around toxic fumes all day, or someone who works in a very dusty area, 3M has you covered with there extensive line of P100 filters and masks.

If you're a welder, the best 3M HEPA respirator for you would be the 3M Adflo system. These High Efficiency Particulate Arresting units are great because of how lightweight and durable they are. They make working a breeze with their slim design and constant airflow regardless of how charged the battery is. The battery charges in 3 hours, and with the all-in-one design there is no mess with external cords or cables. The Adflo unit doesn't come cheap, but if you want to get the best HEPA respirator for welding jobs, then the money is going to be well spent. You can usually find them online for cheaper than you could anywhere else, normally priced between $1000-$1200 depending on where you look.

If you're not a welder, or are just looking for a bit cheaper product, then it's okay, because 3M has a huge lineup of P100 filters, masks, cartridges and other accessories to choose from. You could get the 3M AirMate, a Powered Air Purifying (PAPR) unit, for $700-$800 in most stores online. This HEPA respirator is a lot like the Adflo but not as specific towards welders as it does not come with a welders mask for the head unit. They are, however, very lightweight, durable, efficient, and come in a slim all-in-one design.

3M also has a very nice full face HEPA respirator called the 3M 7000 Series. You can get the face piece and filters for about $300 or so if you shop around and compare prices. The face pieces have large inhalation and exhalation valves for smoother breathing, dual 3M cartridges, and an enhanced speaking diaphragm to make communication easier. It also comes with a double-flange face seal, and 6 adjustable straps to give you the most comfortable and secure fit possible.

Survivair HEPA Respirator Masks, Filters, and Cartridges

Survivair is another company with an established following due to their high quality products and reasonable prices. They have a popular model called the Survivair Opti-Fit mask-mounted PAPR Kit which you should definitely consider if you are looking to get one of the best HEPA respirator systems on the market today.

Being a PAPR, it naturally is battery powered. The battery has a long lasting life and is rechargeable, and the battery pack is water-resistant. It's lightweight design makes working easier and more comfortable, as does the durable silicone Survivair Opti-Fit full face mask. This HEPA respirator kit comes complete with the mask, blower unit, battery charger, speaking diaphragm, power cord, filter, belt and air flow tester, and it will run you about $600. Not bad at all.

MSA HEPA Respirator Masks, Filters, and Cartridges

MSA has a much cheaper alternative to any of the aforementioned products in this article. Their widely popular MSA Safety Works 817663 Multi-Purpose HEPA respirator mask is one of the best kinds you can get for an affordable price of around $30 or so depending on which online stores you look at. These P100 masks are great for environments with particulates like dust, mold, asbestos, formaldehyde, toxic fumes, ammonia, fiberglass, and lead. They are both OSHA and NIOSH approved and come with a flexible face piece for a nice seal and low profile cartridges.

Moldex HEPA Respirator Filters and Cartridges

Moldex has the best cheap N100 dust mask of all. The Moldex 2730N100 models are just under $30 in most online stores you'll find and they are very versatile, comfortable, durable, and efficient in their function, making them one of the best HEPA respirator masks on the market for a wide variety of applications. The patented Moldex Handy-Strap design allows for a comfortable, yet snug, fit for just about any size head, and the connect buckle attached to them allow for your Moldex N100 dust mask to hang freely when not in use.

But wait, there's more. There is a reason why this is one of the best HEPA respirator masks out there. They also come with the Moldex patented Ventex ventilation valve that allows the hot, moist air to escape smoothly so you can breathe easier, keep your glasses from fogging up, and increase the life of the mask. Comfort is enhanced with a soft foam lining on key areas where the most pressure is applied on the face.

The shell is integrated with flame retardant agents for reduced flammability, and is also made with the patented Moldex Dura-Mesh construction that resists collapsing in hot and humid environments. Since this HEPA respirator is an N100 dust mask, that means it is limited to protection against particulates free of oil. However, you can be rest assured with the Moldex 2730N100 dust masks because they are NIOSH approved.

Which HEPA Respirator Mask is Best For You?

After seeing all of the different popular types and brands there are to choose from, which one sounds like it is best for you? Keep in mind, these are just a handful of the HEPA respirator masks there are out there. North Safety and other brands also have a few N100 and P100 dust masks, filters, and cartridges for sale as well. Shopping around online is going to be your best way to finding the perfect and most affordable HEPA respirator for your needs.