You may not know this but both men and women can suffer from the same cause of premature balding. For years it was assumed that only men could lose hair because of Androgenic Alopecia but it has now been proven that this is a problem for women also. The reason it was not recognized to affect both sexes was two fold. First, women were not supposed to talk about this problem in polite company. Like all women issues, it was something that was kept behind closed doors. The only relief women had was to wear a scarf or hat or wig.
The second reason that most people did not realize that women and men suffered from the same problem was that the way the genetic medical condition manifests itself is different. Men usually will see hair loss in set patterns on the scalp. Thus the term male pattern baldness to indicate that the hair loss was localized in certain regions instead of being a thinning problem over the entire head. Women, on the other hand, generally do not have hair loss in set patterns. This is why female hair restoration products were so long coming onto the market. No one realized thinning hair was just a manifestation of the same problem men had with male pattern baldness.
The best hair restoration product is one that will help both men and women with their hair loss problems. There is a hair loss drug which has been approved by the US FDA called Finasteride but it is not recomended that women take the drug due tothe potential for birth defects. In fact, they are not even allowed to touch the tablets because they may ingest the chemical through their skin.
The other FDA approved drug is safe for men and women both. Minoxidil works to protect the hair follicles (this is the part of the hair that grows the shaft) from attack by the hormonal substance DHT. DHT is a metabolite of the male hormone testosterone and is responsible for about 95% of the hair loss associated with male pattern baldness.
Minoxidil is a topically applied drug which means you drip a gre drops on your scalp every day in the morning and night. This is absorbed through the scalp and protects the follicles from attack. It has been proven very effective at slowing and stopping the hair loss process.