Happy Halloween

"Trick or treat . . . give me something good to eat!" This phrase is repeated year after year by enthusiastic children celebrating the fun traditions of Halloween. Every year when the sun sets on October 31, our streets are jam-packed with ghosts, goblins, superheroes, fairies, princes and princesses, and almost anything else you can imagine.  All these little "goblins" have one thing in common, they want the best Halloween treats! 

When you hear that familiar Halloween expression and open your door you will no doubt encounter a cluster of little costumed clad children, excitedly holding their paper bags open for treats. You do not want to disappoint them. The following list outlines some of the best treats that you can hand-out on Halloween.


Halloween TeeCredit: Introspective Pics

The Best Halloween Treats 

Full Size Candy Bars: This is the gold standard in Halloween treats, after all, what could be a better treat than a full size version of your favorite candy bar? For many trick-or-treaters, receiving a full size candy bar on Halloween is akin to winning the lottery!  You can save money by purchasing full size bars in bulk at places like Costco or through several websites online. A full size candy bar is truly one of the best Halloween treats you can give a child, and some of the most popular are Hershey's Milk Chocolate bars (with or without almonds), Milky Way bars, Mounds Almond Joy, Snickers, and Peanut Butter Cups. 

Ring Pops: These fun candy rings have been around a long time and even have their own Facebook and Twitter page! The hard candy is shaped in the form of a large diamond and comes in several flavors. The candy diamonds are attached to a plastic ring and individually wrapped. Who doesn't love a diamond? Ring Pops are the delicious diamonds that anyone can afford and everyone loves! Ring Pops are some of the best Halloween treats to give out to all those little trick-or-treaters. 

Lil BooCredit: introspective PicsWax Candy Lips/Teeth/Fangs:  These fun candy lips, teeth, and fangs are a kid's ultimate combination of a toy and a candy. Children have a blast playing and making funny and silly faces using these wax candy products and then eating them when they are done. 

Candy Necklaces: Candy necklaces are a classic, and just like Ring Pops, they are the sweet jewelry that children can play with and then eat. The edible necklaces are made with an elastic string and multi-colored hard candy in the shape of medium size beads. This toothsome treat can also be made into a bracelet by twisting the necklace and making several strands. 

Tootsie Pops: "How many licks does it take to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop?” If you give out these popular candy pops, children will have a fun time trying to find the answer to the question. These lollipops, made of a hard candy shell and a semi-soft tootsie roll in the middle, are some of the best Halloween treats for children. 

Halloween Novelty Items:  Non-candy treats last longer than candy and are better for children's teeth. Novelty items such as stickers, pencils with fun erasers, mini coloring books, and mini toys keep children busy and content just long enough for parents to go through their Halloween goody bag to make sure everything in the bag is safe. In addition, children can use many of their Halloween novelty items long after all the Halloween candy is gone.

M&M Candy PumpkinCredit: Introspective Pics.Trick-or-Treat 

Very soon you'll be hearing that familiar phrase from a bunch of children all decked-out in their best costumes. If you don't want to get tricked be sure to give-out only the best Halloween treats!  


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