Hard water stains are a pain to say the least. They are ugly and are a result of no more than simple use. It’s not like we spill something and let it form a stain, it’s the constant use of our showers, sinks, toilets, etc. that causes the slow and eventual buildup of these stains – not to mention it’s the result of living in an area where hard water exists in the first place.

Before we look into removing these hard water spots and stains its worth getting a quick refresher on how hard water stains develop as this sheds some light on the best ways to remove hard water deposits with minimal effort.

What Causes Hard Water Deposits And What Can Be Done About It

Hard water deposits are caused primarily due to routine use in an area where hard water persists. Some people simply have hard water in their pipes and there’s little that can be done about it. You can buy some hard water softeners to install at the sink or shower level to minimize your problems. You can also install softening systems to the plumbing of your home although this is somewhat expensive.

Without installing some sort of softener to your home the calcium and mineral deposits in your water will slowly accumulate on surfaces over time. This occurs when water sits on those surfaces and dries. The leftover minerals are left behind and the hard water stains will slowly grow.

The most obvious thing we can do to minimize these stains is to stop their accumulation before it gets bad. After every shower you can wipe the walls down and minimize the buildup. You can install toilet cleaners which limit the buildup during routine use. You can soften your water before it’s used as mentioned above but at some point you simply have to clean the deposits that remain up and start fresh.

Removing Hard Water Stains From Your Glass Surfaces With Regular Household Products

If you’ve never kept your glass surfaces in your home free of hard water deposits then your cleaning job will be more difficult and more robust products may be necessary but for light cleaning jobs this is fairly straight forward.

You need to cut the deposits with an acid. Usually lemon juice will work well. Once the lemon juice starts cutting the stains you can then start scrubbing what remains off with a combination of lemon juice vinegar and water. This is detailed in greater detail on this article: How To Remove Hard Water Stains From Glass.

For the most part regular protection of your glass surfaces and cleaning with lemon juice and vinegar is enough to get rid of hard water stains and keep them away but what if you don’t want to do-it-yourself? What if you have really bad hard water stains that need to be cleaned and removed? Below are some of the best products on the market for hard water stain removal. They all are for sale in the normal places as well as with various online retailers.

The Best Hard Water Deposit Removal Products Based On Customer Reviews

Spot-X Hard Water Stain And Spot RemovalSpot-X Hard Water Stain & Spot Remover is a top pick by consumers over on Amazon. This product has very high customer reviews has a very attractive price and come with non-abrasive pads safe for use on glass which is quite handy. It’s a green, non-toxic cleaner so it’s safe to use in the home and strong enough to work on tough glass stains from hard water deposits to road grime on the windshields of your car. The product is designed to cut through thick soap scum on your showers and windows as well as on stains in your porcelain toilets and sinks. It isn’t as cheap as a big bottle of white vinegar but it may make tough jobs easier.

Driven Extreme Glass CleanerDRIVEN Extreme Duty Glass Cleaner is another top pick by customers sporting some of the best aggregate reviews you can get in the glass cleaning category. Much like Spot-X this product is designed to clean glass stains of all kinds from most any surface. The biggest difference however is that this is more of a chemical based cleaner and is better used for outdoor surfaces such as your windows or stains on your car. It comes in the form of a thick gel which makes it easy to place on a stain and let it set. Regardless of its harsher nature DRIVEN is a very strong window and glass cleaner and may work best only for jobs that are extreme in nature.

Zud Heavy Duty Powdered Glass CleanerZud Heavy Duty Cleanser Powder is the stalwart in the bunch of high quality hard water stain removers. This product has been around for years and many people swear it is the best household cleaner they’ve ever tried. This is a powder cleaner and it is not as easy to use on vertical surfaces like shower doors or windows or even in places like the toilet but it can and will clean them all. If you prefer these types of cleaners this may work out well for you just make sure you have a good scrubbing brush to do the job. It’s purported to remove rust and corrosion too in addition to household cleaning of your glass, porcelain, and ceramic surfaces.

The Best Glass Cleaners Do Still Require Effort On Your Part

One last thing to keep in mind is that even though these products and others like them are really good at what they do they still require you to use a little elbow grease. All those commercials for scrubbing bubbles may have us all thinking that work is not necessary in this area but that is a fallacy.

For tough to clean hard water stains on your shower doors, walls, tub, and toilet you have to find the best glass cleaner for sale and then work on the problem at hand with intensity. Most products will work better if you apply them and let them set for a while as they “cut” into the stain but you still will have to scrub hard with an appropriate brush or pad to get the best results.

Or you can do as this woman did and take a power sander to your shower door.

I bet that using a good glass cleaning product with the power sander method would work even better although damage to your glass and electric shock is probably still a risk. :)