Are you looking for the best hardwood floor steamer? If so, then there are a few things you need to to consider in regards to all steam mops.

If you are using floor steamer, you need to consider the type of water you are using. If you have really hard water, it will clog your steamer over time, I would recommend you using soft or distilled water. You can add a bit of CLR or vinegar to the water occasionally, which will break down the hard water deposits.

Do NOT EVER use a hardwood floor steamer on "unsealed wood or waxed floors". The extreme high heat of the steam will ruin your wood, and melt the wax.

Your steamer should heat up to the minimum of 155 degrees, anything less than that will not disinfect or sanitize your floors. You may think that just the steam itself is enough, but unless it reaches the right temperature, it will not kill bacteria.

It is not an all-in-one floor cleaner, they are meant to clean hardwood floors only. And don't go with anything that is rechargeable, if you do, you won't get getting the power you need or want.

Now that I have given a bit of the lowdown on hardwood floor steamer, here are few of the top sellers and their features:

Eureka Enviro Steamer

  • Swivel head
  • Tall, removable handle
  • Long cord
  • Less scrubbing because weight is on the floor
  • Constant steam
  • Steam vents side to side
  • Thick, waffle-cone pads
  • Totally Green!
  • Heats 220 Degrees F
  • 3 minutes to heat
  • No swivel head
  • Heats up to 266 degrees, with an extra burst of steam
  • Can control level of steam
  • 5 min to heat up
  • Convenient Velcro pads, just set the steamer on pad and you are ready
  • Will get up the even very sticky messes
HAAN Steam Mop
  • Has some great attachments to make your job easier
  • Uses regular tap water
  • Will produce steam for up to 20 min before refill
  • Lightweight design
  • Large cleaning pad
  • Steam heats up to 212 degrees F
These are three of the top choice of hardwood floor steamer, you may want to do a bit more research, check them out yourself, but do please do your research. Who has money to waste, and you want the best for your hardwood investment.