Not every dog needs a collar!

Unless your dog is a dream walking on a leash, you may find yourself pulled all over town! Besides making the walk difficult, your dog could also be hurting him or herself - the friction of the collar and strain on their neck can do permanent damage.  While you're training your pet to walk nicely,  you should invest in a good harness that will keep them safe.  They won't put any pressure on the trachea or the neck, and your dog will pull less.

Here are the best harnesses on the market today:

  • Sporn Nylon No-Pull Harness - this is the best we've found yet. After having a collar with a plastic buckle simply come apart during a walk (luckily our dog came to us when called!), the thing that puts me to ease with the Sporn No-Pull Harness is that there aren't any buckles or pieces that can break open.  You simply slip the harness over the dog's head, then around their two legs.  You adjust the plastic sizer on top to make sure it's a snug fit, attach your leash and head out.  The arm straps are also padded for comfort.  This harness doesn't completely stop a dog from pulling... but it does give you more control and the dog won't hurt themselves if they do pull.
  • Premier Easy Walk Harness - this harness works for the worst pullers.  It's simple design is genius - the leash clips to the front of the dog's chest, so every time the dog pulls ahead, they turn themselves back towards you.  It's a foolproof way to start training your dog to heel.Easy Walk Dog Harness
  • Puppia Soft Dog Harness - If you have a very small mini breed dog like a chihuahua or dachshund, this soft and pliable harness is for you.  Your dog won't hurt themselves if they pull, and it's dimensions fit a dog that is low to the ground.
Puppia Dog Harness

Happy safe walking!