Throughout the 20+ years that I have gone out for Halloween, I have only seen one person execute any of the Hawaiian costume ideas that are available! Don’t get the wrong idea, there is not an overabundance of luau costumes to choose from; however, many people dress up in Jamaican wigs, so why can’t a lot of people dress up in flowery shirts and leis?

I am here to show you, the reader, that there are a few amazing Hawaiian costume ideas that you can use on Halloween. These outfits will work for you whether you’re going trick or treating or to a Halloween dance party. They will also work for you whether you’re a man or a woman!

Basically, I’m trying to tell you that you should at least consider wearing a lei, flowery shirt, or luau outfit during the next October 31st!

Wear A Hawaiian Dancer Costume

Dancers are the hit of Hawaii. And the coolest thing about it is that both men and women can be Hawaiian dancers! For the sake of simplicity, I’m only going to discuss the details of a female Hawaiian dancer costume throughout this article. However, the men’s version is sort of similar!

First off, there are a variety of Hawaiian dancer costume ideas to use; however, Amazon has quite a selection to choose from. I would recommend heading on over to Amazon to see the selection of Hawaiian dancer outfits that they have to choose from! Not only will you get them for the best price, but their shipping rates are insanely cheap, and sometimes even free!

However, you can also choose to create your own costume. You will need the following items:

-A hula skirt. Any color combination will do; however, I would recommend choosing a combination of vibrant colors because they will attract a lot of attention on Halloween!

-A coconut bra. You can make your own using 2 half shells of a coconut and some twine. You should just be sure to put it together carefully...the last thing that you want is for yourself to be exposed because of some faulty tying!

-A lei. This is included in all of the best Hawaiian costume ideas, so you should be sure to wear it when dressing up as a dancer!

Dress Up Like You’re Going To A Luau

A luau is a popular celebration that is held in Hawaii during the night time. The celebration can occur for a wide variety of reasons; however, Hawaiians seem to have one often!

The Hawaiian luau Halloween costumes are very similar to the dancer costumes that were featured in the last paragraph. You will still need to wear a hula skirt, and lei. However, you can substitute the coconut bra for a flowery shirt. The temperature usually drops at night in Hawaii so the women are usually seen wearing shirts instead of coconut bras!

I would also recommend putting some flowers in your hair. Out of all of the Hawaiian costume ideas that are mentioned throughout this article, the luau outfit is the only one that utilizes flowers in your hair.

I would not skip out on the flowers because it is a Hawaiian tradition for women to have a hibiscus flower clipped into the side of their hair!

Men’s Hawaiian Costumes Include A Flowery Shirt And Beige Shorts

I know what you’re thinking...enough of the women’s Hawaiian costumes, let’s move onto the men’s.

To be honest with you, men’s Hawaiian costume ideas are much simpler than women’s. The only thing that they have to worry about is a shirt, pair of shorts, and sandals!

-Wear a colorful flowery shirt. You can wear this shirt with the top 1 or 2 buttons undone. It is usually hot in Hawaii, so undoing 1 or 2 buttons will allow your Hawaiian costume to look even more authentic than it already does!

-Put on a pair of beige shorts! This one is simple because beige shorts are literally found everywhere! You can head to your local clothing store and pretty much pick up any pair of beige shorts that you find.

-A pair of sandals. Hawaiian sandals can vary in design and color; however, you must remember to get a pair that do not have a design on them. Ensure that you sandals are plain, and you will have one of the best Hawaiian costumes that someone can create!

Whether you want to head to a costume store to pick up your outfit or simply create your own do-it-yourself Hawaiian getup, there is bound to be something for you throughout this article. Execute any of these Hawaiian costume ideas, and you will surely be the hit of any Halloween or costume party that you attend!

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