Choosing the best hedge trimmer for your personal landscaping needs can be a really difficult decision. There are a ton of popular brands that offer electric and gas powered landscaping tools for affordable prices; which one should you choose? The truth of the matter is that you should choose the trimmer that offers what you need to keep your hedges looking good.

The way that you keep your hedges, lawn, and flower beds give your home the curb appeal that people look for in a neighbourhood; in addition, it puts a smile on your face every time that you see the landscaping on your property during the summer months!

Should You Choose A Gas Powered Or Electric Trimmer For Your Hedges?

There are obviously benefits to either of these types of trimmers when it comes to landscaping your home; however, I will expose some of the pros and cons of gas and electric trimmers so that you can make an educated decision!

Gas trimmers-The main benefit to these types of trimmers is that they will allow you to trim your hedges without being nearby a power source. These are ideal tools for industrial landscaping companies because they may be trimming hedges in open fields that do not have an electrical outlet nearby. All that you need to fuel these landscaping tools is some gasoline! I would really consider one of the trimmers from Poulan Pro if you are looking for something that runs on gas because they produce some of the most powerful and reliable trimmers on the market!

Electric trimmers- Gas can be pretty expensive, so using a trimmer that runs on gas may end up burning a hole through your wallet. Choosing to buy an electric trimmer will allow you to trim your hedges for hours without using up a single ounce of gasoline! In addition, landscaping tools that run on electricity tend to last longer than the ones that run on gas.

I can sit here all day to argue either side of the electric vs gas hedge trimmer battle; however, it comes down to your specific preferences.

Black And Decker Has Over 10 Electric Hedge Trimmers-One Will Surely Suit Your Needs

Black and Decker has produced some of the most innovative landscaping equipment over the last 10+ years; moreover, their hedge trimmers are no exception to that point! It seems that each of the trimmers that Black and Decker produces has an innovative feature that will make landscaping your hedges a whole lot easier.

For instance, the HH2455 has a rotating handle that will allow you to work your way around the hedges without hurting or twisting your wrist. Another Black and Decker tool to note is the LPHT120; it is basically a hedge trimmer that is mounted on a pole that allows you to reach them from a far distance!

Landscaping the hedges around your home can be a difficult task, so the innovations that are present on Black and Decker’s line of landscaping tools are absolutely amazing!

Poulan Pro Has The Most Powerful Gas Powered Hedge Trimmer-The PP2822

If you are looking for a gas powered hedge trimmer, Poulan Pro’s PP2822 is definitely a landscaping tool that you should consider. Not only is it equipped with a powerful 28cc engine, but it also boasts 22 inches of dual sided blades! In addition, each of the blades on the trimmer is serrated so trimming your hedges will be THAT much easier.

The serrated blades cuts through the branches and leaves of the hedges with ease, so it will also reduce the amount of time that it takes you to trim all of the hedges around your house!

Hedges can make the landscaping of a home look a lot better, and they can even be used to separate flower beds from the lawn. Some of the best hedge trimmers are produced by the reputable landscaping brands like Black and Decker, Bosch, WORX, and Poulan Pro. Not only do these hedge trimming machines allow you to get through the job quicker and easier, but they will also last a lot longer than any of the cheap landscaping tools that are offered by some of the other companies!

One other tip that I would give you is to measure the depth of your hedges so that you can decide what blade length to look for on your machine!

There are hundreds of electric and gas powered hedge trimmers to choose from; however, only a few of those will suit the landscaping needs of your house! A few of the factors that you should be keeping your eyes open for are the blade length, battery power, and motor power. Taking all of these factors into consideration, as well as the landscaping tools that are listed throughout this article, will allow you to buy the best hedge trimmer to keep your home looking amazing!