What are Herbal Teas?

Herbal teas are wonderful blends of assorted plant parts and spices, called botanicals.  These do not usually include the leaves of the tea-plant Camellia sinensis.  Herbal tea can contain fruit, petals, whole flowers, stems, roots and leaves.  Having a wonderful balanced blend of tea makes for a smooth refreshing tisane.  A tisane is merely the tea herbs infused with hot water then served piping hot or ice-cold.

Herbal teas are a delicious drink, a relaxing ritual or taken for the many herbal tea benefits to health.  Care must be taken when drinking herbal tea for health reasons, and it is always recommended to seek professional advice.  There are many excellent books and guides on herbal remedies, herbal tea recipes and brewing your own tea.

Favourite and Best Herbal Teas Available

Not everyone has the time or space to grow and make their own herbal tea recipes.  Experimenting with mail order tea can be expensive and frustrating.  The following is a wonderful list of the favourite and best rated herbal teas for you to try from Amazon.  Take the guesswork out of trying new teas, and avoid disappointment.  Mail order is a great way to try new teas not found locally, with relatively inexpensive shipping.

Click on the Best Rated Herbal Tea List to see which are the most highly rated and enjoyed teas.  It is interesting and surprising to see what the top herbal teas are.  Some are general great tasting refreshing teas with wonderful flavours, like Liquorice spice or Madagascar Vanilla. Other teas are popular  for specific times and needs, like Raspberry Leaf for the female system, Sleepytime herbal teas for sleep and other herbal teas for anxiety.  Maybe you'll find a favourite there.

The Most Popular Herbal Teas are.....

  1. Flavourful and fresh-tasting
  2. Remain mild and delicious even with long steeping in sunshine
  3. The flavors are all-natural not artificial
  4. Have just the right amount of caffeine, or none!
  5. Naturally sweet
  6. Not bitter
  7. Versatile and may be  used for hot or iced tea
  8. Mild on the stomach
  9. Readily and reliably available at a great price

The Top-Rated Herbal Tea and Why!

The top rated herbal tea is for Good Earth Original Sweet and Spicy Herbal Tea with the fresh zest of California oranges, cinnamon and a smooth sweet flavour.  Over 70 people loved it enough to take the time to post their opinion. It has all the above qualities; all natural complex flavour tastes great, it is naturally sweet, with no bitterness and steeps well.

Whether you are an experience tea-drinker or Relax with the Best Herbal TeaCredit: Printshop Deluxejust wanting to try something new, I hope this article helps you choose the perfect herbal tea.

If you are interested in making your own peppermint or chamomile teas, it is possible to grow your own plants in the garden.