The name is a misnomer. This burr grinder isn’t a mini by any standard. The Mazzer Mini is 15 X 10 X 20 inches and weighs 22.5 pounds. It is a substantial piece of equipment. It is the smallest burr coffee grinder in the Mazzer line. The mini holds slightly over a pound of coffee, and an optional bigger hopper is available. This grinder comes in a variety of colors. Two shades of aluminum, dark gray, black, maroon and tan.

Excellent Reviews

The reason the Mazzer Mini is consistently reviewed as excellent is because of the way it grinds coffee. One of the prime requirements for making a good cup of expresso is to use fine evenly ground coffee. Requirements to make Mazzer Mini ExpressoCredit: Amazonexcellent espresso at home, is a grinder capable of producing grounds good enough for exceptional espresso. Even though the mini is called the espresso, it grinds coffee to a variety of coarseness.

Coffee Grounds

To grind coffee for a French Press, coarse, evenly ground coffee with a minimum of fine particles is ideal. Turkish and espresso require fine, even grounds. The Mazzer Mini grinds to these specifications with almost infinitely variable adjustments. The Mazzer Mini superbly meets espresso, Turkish and French Press requirements.

The Mazzer Mini

The fit and finish of the machine is remarkable. Everything matches where it’s supposed to. It is a good looking unit. It is also quiet. The manual states it is tested at the factory to register below 74 dB at one meter.

The included manual covers anything a person would wish to know about the product. It covers the setup, adjustments, usage, cleaning and safety issues regarding the machine.

The Mini is borderline industrial, and robust enough for use in some coffee shops. Mazzer also makes industrial burr grinders. The Mini holds up well and gives years of service. Reviews of this grinder are all at the top, with few, if any, on the bottom.

All this praise isn’t cheap. This is an expensive burr grinder. More expensive industrial grinders are sturdier to get more use and take more punishment. This machine holds up when used in a high usage situation, even if it wasn’t made for that environment.

If a person isn’t quite satisfied with their coffee, and always looking for methods to improve the brew, they can’t attach blame to the Mazzer Mini Espresso. There are less expensive machines that do an excellent job grinding coffee. In some areas these inexpensive grinders will do as well as the mini, but not across the board. Few, if any, match the grind perfection, cleaning, operation and quietness. The Mazzer Mini is the bar against which to measure home coffee grinders.

Mazzer Mini Espresso Grinder
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