A home office chair is very important part of your office. It has be be comfortable and it must also be designed to let you work long hours and not be plagued with horrible back aches.

First when you go shopping for your chair... Your thighs need to be parallel with the floor and the angle of your body should be 90 to 105 degrees. When you are sitting it in be sure that your feet are able to be flat on the floor. The chair needs to give you good back support so you may want to think about an ergonomically designed office chair.

The second thing to look for... The chair should allow you to pick the height and the seat need to have enough width and depth to support a bigger person. The backward or forward tilt of your seat and the back rest should all be adjustable. Be sure to pick out a chair that has material which is easy to maintain along with being comfortable.

Thirdly... The fabric of the home office chair should breath and also the colors should never bleed into your clothes. If the office chair has arm rests then they also should be adjustable to allow others the use of the chair. This allows your shoulders to be correctly positioned to divert any back problems.

Fourth... If you are considering a swivel chair, be sure the mechanics are all high quality and that you're able to move around without any of the wheels locking up and that your able to reach all the area of your desk without straining.

* Be sure and really check out all the different options and designs.

* Try to match your chair to your desk. If your desk is antique then try finding a chair in that style.

* If you have a lot of glass furniture then try and purchase a chair that brings out the beauty of all the glass.

* Also, make sure you compare prices, check out every choice possible, ask about any warranties, and pick a home office chair that is going to serve you through many years. There are a lot of places that offer discount home office furniture.

* Remember that your comfort if first and foremost when it comes to your home office ideas. If you choose the wrong chair you can have back problems for years so choose wisely!