Home office desks should be the focus of both how your office looks and of your workday goes. Your desk should look great and be convenient to use and be comfortable.

Most every home office has to have a computer so desks are usually designed to accommodate monitors and computers and they should be able to help you keep all your computer accessories organized.

Before choosing a desk, be sure you really know what you want the desk to accomplish. Do you need plenty of space to write, do you need room for your computer, what style is most appealing to you, is the desk going into a corner, do you need extra storage space, do you need filing drawers?

When are are sure of everything you want, also be sure of the size the desk can be. You don't want to buy something that won't fit through your front door or won't even fit into your office. You also don't want something too small and you end up with a very cluttered desk.

Are you going to be putting any equipment on the desk? You can get home office desks that make room for everything like your computer, the printer, the fax machine, the phone, etc. You also want to be sure you can move your chair around easily and that your able to reach everything that is on the desk.

Don't forget that you need room for your mouse and keyboard and possibly a place for your coffee mug. What may look like a really large desk at the store is going to look really small once you get all your things on it.

Be sure the desk matches your needs. If it has 6 drawers and you really only need 2 then scale down. Do you need a smaller drawer for all your pencils and smaller office supplies? Do you want to put hanging file folders in one of the drawers?

* When considering home office desks always go bigger than smaller, be sure you have lots of leg room and remember, you want both functionality and comfort.

* This is one item you don't want to go cheap on in your home office design because then it just becomes an irritant you have to live with.