The Best Homemade Christmas Gifts for the End of the World 2012

With the alledged end of the world coming in December 2012, I thought it would be wise to provide you with some of the best homemade Christmas gifts a person could create for someone else; while keeping in mind the imminent demise of Earth will come shortly after. Homemade Christmas gifts show a certain aspect of love that buying presents from a store just cannot do. Love is most needed at such a hard time like the end of the world. Of course, with the end in sight, there is no need to give up on the tradition of giving gifts during the Christmas season. Quite the contrary, during the end of the world 2012 I hope you are able to give the best homemade Christmas gifts to your loved ones, family, and friends.

1. A Photojournal

As the end of the world 2012 comes closer and closer by the second, the first gift I could imagine giving someone I love is a photojournal. Of all the materialistic objects you could give someone, a photojournal is sure to hold many memories of times past. As the world ends, you will surely want to remember happier times and reflect on the life you have lived for so many years. This is perhaps the most sentimental and meaningful gift you can give another individual, but is that not one of the best gifts at a time like this? Remembering life for a few additional momenets would certainly be better then receiving a few more things to ultimately be destroyed in those final moments on Earth.

To make a photojournal, you will need a scrapbook such as the Pioneer 12-by-12 inch scrapbook. The rest is up to your imagination!

2. A Homemade Scarf

I imagine that the final winter months as December 2012 rolls in will be very cold. A homemade scarf shows your drive to give someone you love something that may ultimately be comforting and warm as the end of the world comes. A scarf is almost like having an extra pair of arms to put around someone. While human beings only have two arms, making a homemade scarf allows you to throw some additional hugs and love in the direction of your friends and family. Additionally, these homemade scarfs can be really comfortable and aesthetically pleasing for those final days where everything becomes dreary and drab.

3. Homemade Food

Food is always a necessity, whether or not the end of the world is coming. Fortunately, it can also be used up before the imminent apocalpyse; so homemade food remains a great gift. I would highly suggest giving someone something sweet, or something that they deem their "favorite" thing to eat. Even though the end of the world is coming, there is no need to be unhappy during this time. Homemade food is one of the best homemade Christmas gifts you can give, and in fact I would even suggest turning it into a homemade food party so everyone you love can celebrate the demise of the world instead of sitting in sadness waiting for it.

4. A Personalized Poem

Poetry is an art form that dates back to the beginning of human writing. If you are a young lover in love, expressing your love to your significant other as the end of the world 2012 comes is most important. Even if the world would not end (as it is supposed to), is not expressing your love through poetry still a beautiful thing? I would say it is. It is a universally beautiful thing. Your poetry can have even more meaning as everything falls apart around you.

5. Homemade Candles

I can just imagine candles setting the mood for the bleak and melancholy celebration that is the end of the world 2012. Making candles is an interesting and relatively fun process, and the product that results from this process can be beautiful and extremely satisfying. The light of a fire is beautiful, and the aroma can help calm and set the scene even more. I'd suggest picking a winter related scent, like pine or candycane, if you want to remind yourself of past winters. Alternatively, pick a spring or summer scent like something fruity or warm to remind you of your happy place.

Of course, if you're not wanting to make a candle from scratch, be sure to pick some up soon like the Gearson Company Everlasting Glow candles.

I know this may be a strange article, but I hope you find it at least amusing to think about the best homemade Christmas gifts for the end of the world 2012. With such a heavy focus on death and destruction during this year, I thought I should lighten the mood and remind people of traditions and love during these hard times. If you're into topics about the end of the world 2012, be sure to check out my article titled The Top Five 2012 Doomsday Predictions.