Located on the outskirts of Washington D.C., Bethesda is a ritzy town famous for its restaurants, exorbitant prices and pretension. If you're looking for hotels in Bethesda, Maryland, check out this list of the most popular places to spend the night. Whether you're looking for economy or luxury hotels in Bethesda, the key to getting good rates on rooms is booking in advance and avoiding peak seasons like the holidays. Rooms in Bethesda Maryland will range in price from about $109 to $399 and much more if you're booking a luxury suite. 

The Days Inn on 4400 Connecticut Avenue NW DC

Ideally situated for easy access to both downtown washington D.C. and downtown Bethesda, the Days Inn is one of the most affordable hotels you'll find in the bethesda area. On non-peak days you can get a king sized room for $109 per night, and every room is equipped with a sweet 37 inch television.

Washington D.C. Days Inn -Bethesda Hotel

HBO is complimentary and you can also enjoy the use of a work desk and safe as well. Typical of most hotels you'll find in the Bethesda area, the Days Inn features a restaurant and bar and concierge service. This is one of the most affordable lodging options in the area. 

This Days Inn is an ideal choice if you're staying for business in the nation's capitol, because it straddles downtown Bethesda, with its overwhelming variety of fine dining and shopping options, and the heart of D.C. 

Finding the Days Inn on Connecticut Avenue

The Days Inn Hotel straddles the downtown Bethesda and Washington DC area.
Days Inn Bethesda Get Directions
4400 Connecticut Avenue NW Washington, DC

The American Inn of Bethesda

For those travelers that want to be situated in the heart of B-town, the American Inn will put you at the center of Bethesda's swanky night life. You'll be walking distance from Italian, Lebanese, Mexican, and French Bethesda restaurants and you'll also have access to the public library, movie theaters, boutiques and cafes. If you're on a pleasure visit or you simply have free time to tour around, this hotel's location is ideal. 

Meanwhile you can rent a double room for about $159 and enjoy complimentary wireless internet. All guests receive continental breakfasts as part of their stay, but you may want to skip the hotel food when there are so many excellent besthesda restaurant choices nearby.

Bethesda's American Inn Hotel near downtown D.C.

Especially noteworthy are the historical Tasty Diner, which has survived more than one fire, and the Original House of Pancakes, which serves some mind-blowing crepes, stuffed pancakes, and chocolate chip pancakes. Don't eat there unless your morning plans include a heavy nap. 

Finding The American Inn in Bethesda, MD

The American Inn is situated for easy access to downtown Bethesda's most exciting dining and entertainment spots.
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8130 Wisconsin Ave, Bethesda, MD 20814, USA

Hilton Garden Inn of Bethesda

Stepping up into the lap of luxury, you might try the Hilton Garden Inn, if paying $250 a night for a regular room doesn't give you pause. In return for the steeper prices you'll receive significant perks like a full on-site fitness center, jacuzzis, and indoor heated pool,  a restaurant and an on-site convenience store that's open 24 hours. 

Hilton Garden Inn Hotel of Bethesda

The Hilton Garden Inn is located less than 9 miles from downtown D.C., so it remains a solid choice if you're staying for business and need to be able to get downtown quickly. The fastest way to make it into the city is on the metro which runs directly from Bethesda to the nation's capitol. 

Guests of this hotel will also enjoy access to a modern business center, excellent restaurant options such as Ruth Chris's steakhouse and excellent outdoor parks in walking distance.

Rooms here are nicer, too. In addition to the standard 32 inch flat screen TV with cable, you'll find a refrigerator, microwave and everything you need to make coffee, meaning you can rest-up and still be well provided for in your own room. 

Finding the Hilton Garden Inn of Bethesda

The Hilton Garden Inn is set in the heart of Bethesda. You'll be walking distance from all the action.
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7301 Waverly St, Bethesda, MD 20814, USA

The DoubleTree Hotel

Another upper level lodge in the heart of the town's restaurant and entertainment district, this hotel will run you about $250 and up per night for a double room, and offers standard amenities for this level of accomodation, such as a business center, room service and on-site restaurant with wine bar. Sweetest of all? Probably the rooftop pool. 

Double Tree Hotel Bethesda Maryland

If you like your TV's large - go with the DoubleTree. All rooms come with a 42 inch flat-screen in addition to an oversized desk where you can spread out your oh-so important business papers. Both wireless and wired internet are provided throughout the hotel free of charge and added comforts, such as on-site parking, for an extra fee, are enough to make this an ideal choice for folks looking to get some work done during their stay. 

Finding the Double Tree Hotel

Just north of downtown Bethesda, the Double Tree Hotel is a popular choice amongst business clients.
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8120 Wisconsin Ave, Bethesda, MD 20814, USA

The Bethesda Marriot

Although this hotel is situated a total of 18 miles from Washington D.C. and a bit north of downtown Bethesda itself, it is situated directly off the capital beltway, which makes for easy driving access to all major points in the Washington D.C. area as well as Virginia. In addition, the hotel offers free shuttle service to downton Bethesda and other important points like the National Institute of Health. 

Room here start at about $250 per night and you are invited to take advantage of the full service business center, the complimentary wireless internet in public areas of the hotel, and a gym with jacuzzis. 

The Bethesda Marriot Hotel

One real drawback is the lack of free wired internet. Ethernet jacks in the room will cost you $12.95 for 24 hours meaning that users not capable of using wireless for whatever reason will be at a significant disadvantage unless they want to fork over the exorbitant daily charge. 

Finding the Bethesda Marriot Hotel

Although further from Bethesda than other options, The Marriot puts you in an excellent position to make use of the capital beltway for easy access to DC, Maryland and Virginia.
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5151 Pooks Hill Rd, Bethesda, MD 20814, USA

The Embassy Suites - Washington D.C.

Feeling fanciful? Fanciful to the tune of over $1,000 per night? That's what you'll be shelling out to stay in the Embassy Suites hotel in Washington D.C. You can bet that for this pretty pricetag you'll get all the best in creature comforts, including on-site massage, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a cheesecake factory restaurant on the premises, use of a proprietary off-site golf course and all the usual perks like room-service, fitness centers and concierge service. 

The Embassy Suites Washington D.C.

The Embassy Suites is closer into Washington D.C. than to Bethesda, but it's still just a quick jaunt to get to the heart of either. Families staying here will be pleased, or possibly quite indifferent, to learn that one child under the age of 18 can stay for free when you book a room here. 

Finding the Embassy Suites in Washington DC

The Embassy Suites is the top of the line and you'll pay accordingly. This hotel is ideally situated for people needing to travel between Bethesda and D.C.
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1250 22nd St NW, Washington, DC 20037, USA