Windshield Ice Scrapers are Needed During the Winter

Anyone who has walked out to their car in the morning only to find the windshield covered in ice knows the importance of a quality ice scraper.  I have been in the unfortunate position of not possessing an ice scraper and having to lean over and look through holes in the windshield ice as I drove.  That was not fun for me or for the people driving the other way.  Hey, I live in the South.  We do not do well when things get icy.

If only I had taken a look at the best ice scrapers available, maybe my drive home could have been more enjoyable. 

CJ Industries F101 Fantastic Ice Scraper with Brass Blade

Best Ice Scrapers for the Windshield - CJ Industries F101 Fantastic Ice Scraper with Brass Blade

Do not let the look or the price of this ice scraper fool you.  The CJ Industries F101 Fantastic Ice Scraper has been a great tool for years.  The brass blade does a great job of removing ice and snow without damaging the glass.  And for less than a dollar, every member of the household can own this ice scraper.



Mallory 532 26" Cool Snow Tool Snow Brush with Foam Grip

Best Windshield Ice Scrapers - Mallory 532 26 inch Cool Snow Tool Snow Brush with Foam Grip

This Mallory ice scraper utilizes four rows of sturdy bristles to quickly brush ice and snow away after being scraped away with the blade on the other end.  It features a curved handle and a comfort foam grip.  Best of all, it is sold at a great price.




Hopkins Subzero 16511 23" Ice Hammer Snowbrush

Best Ice Scrapers - Hopkins Subzero 16511 23 inch Ice Hammer Snowbrush

This ice scraper is very similar to the Mallory snowbrush and ice scraper above except that the scraper is on the same side as the brush.  Fortunately the brush faces away from the window as you scrape ice and snow off of the windshield.  In addition, ice chippers are built into the side of the blade to help break up tough ice.



IceDozer Mini Ice Scraper

Best Ice Scrapers - IceDozer Mini Ice Scraper

The IceDozer Mini Ice Scraper is a very unique ice scraper.  In all there are 360 degrees of ice scraping surfaces.  In contrast to most ice scrapers that are flat, the IceDozer scrapes ice away from an angle.  The IceDozer also has a built-in squeegee brush to help wipe away the scraped ice.



IceDozer Classic Ergonomic Ice Scraper

Best Ice Scrapers - IceDozer Classic Ergonomic Ice Scraper

The IceDozer Classic Ergonomic Ice Scraper allows the user to get a firm grip and use both hands to wipe away snow and scrape away ice.  The ergonomic handles allow everyone regardless of size to use this tool effectively.  The Amazon reviews are mostly positive, but one reviewer notes that while this scraper does well with heavy jobs, it does not perform well with frost.  However, it is durable and can last for a long time.


Hopkins Subzero 13911 Waterproof Ice Scraper Mitt

Great Ice Scrapers - Hopkins Subzero 13911 Waterproof Ice Scraper Mitt

The Hopkins Waterproof Ice Scraper Mitt makes a great gift idea.  Using this scraper is a great way to avoid getting your sleeves wet while scraping your windshield.  It also provides a way to scrape ice off of the windshield if you do not have gloves handy.  The mitt has a waterproof outer shell and a warm fleece lining, so it is designed to efficiently do the trick.  Other colors are available, including pink mitts for the ladies.


Where to Find These and Other Scrapers

These and other scrapers can be found at many brick-and-mortar retail locations.  It can be also be easy and convenient to comparison shop online.  As always, make sure to read reviews and look for the best ice scraper that will fit your needs. 

One thing is certain, however.  You must have a way to scrape various forms of frozen water off of your windshield if you intend to have a safe trip home.  Otherwise, you can wait for hours for your defroster to melt everything, or you can do what I did, and lean over to look through tiny patches of clear windshield space.

Do yourself - and your fellow drivers - a favor and get a quality scraper today.

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