Cadillac Mats - The Best Industrial Floor Mats Available?

Many successful and safe warehouses already swear by cadillac mats, so named for their happy users' assertions that they represent "the cadillac of floor mats", because of their proven safety record and comfortability. Cadillac mats are not only extremely cushy and giving when you walk on them, but they are specially designed to aid those workers that have to turn and pivot frequently throughout the day. Thanks to their soft spongy materials but smooth non-slip surfaces, cadillac mats offer the absolute best in workplace reliability, safety and workers' comfort. These floor mats are successful in reducing the instance of repetitive stress injuries, which beset workers that must continually perform the same or similar physical function throughout the day.

Repetitive stress injuries, such as carpal tunnel syndrome - which besets office workers who type constantly throughout the day - have already grown in public awareness as they have resulted in lost revenue due to work time losses, pain on the part of the worker suffering from them, and a generalized stigma which attaches to the company found guilty of breeding work conditions that lead to repetitive stress injuries. These days, a company simply cannot afford to not buy reliable industrial floor mats. Having a single worker slip and fall while carrying a heavy or delicate and expensive load could be absolutely disastrous in more ways than one.

Some industrial floor mats have "special" ribbing or raised features on their top surfaces that are supposed to enhance their reliability and non-slip functionality. As a matter of fact, these "enhancements" may actually cause more worker stress and strain over time as they unconsciously lift and strain their feet and ankle tendons to clear these ribs each time they move their foot or take a step.

Meanwhile, workers wearing heavy boots with thick soles can actually more easily get caught up on raised ribbings and trip, causing personal injury or damage to company property. For these reasons alone, it's far more advisable to purchase and install cadillac mats so that your busy workers can enjoy non-slip and easy-pivoting functionality throughout the workday and you can relax knowing that your new cadillac mats are reducing the possibility of accidents and injuries - the bane of productivity.

The symptoms of serious repetitive stress injuries may take a good deal of time to manifest, but once they do it could be too late to reverse the course of damage. An employee suffering from repetitive stress injuries is likely to get worse and worse and lose more and more time due to injury once their symptoms emerge. Buying cadillac mats can help you head off this undesirable situation by protecting your standing employee's joints, knees and backs. Cadillac mats can be specified during an order and can therefore fit any workspace large or small. Whether you have a small office workplace or a large industrial warehouse, make the smart move to protect your employees and protect yourself with cadillac mats.