I am a parent of one baby boy. Not even a year ago however I was dutifully unaware of many products and decisions that new parents have to sift through on a daily basis. Having not even made it to my son’s first year however I already feel like I know more about baby products than I ever would have thought possible.

As I’ve written before I am accidentally well versed in strollers. I first started researching infant strollers before my son was born and while my wife was still going to school. We eventually settled on buying a Graco infant car seat stroller frame to use as our first baby stroller and since then I’ve bought and sold so many strollers on Craigslist that I lost count.

What Makes A Great Stroller For Newborn Babies

In all my experimenting my wife and I decided that all the stroller systems out there were great for most all babies but the car seat stroller which were made specifically to attach a car seat to them were the best for newborns. In short they are very light, were very safe, were very simple to use, and they offered comparatively huge storage baskets under the car seat which were equally easy to access.

Basically through our experiments it became clear rather quickly that newborn strollers had to have car seat attachments because it was so important (for us at least) to be able to keep our son asleep if he ever fell asleep in the car. When you have to pull the little guy out of the car seat you will wake him up almost every time.

Also, infants simply require a greater quantity of “stuff” regardless if you go on a long road trip or simply drive down to the post office. Now that our son is approaching a year old we can get away with a quick trip to run an errand without bringing a huge diaper bag but right after he was born we had to bring everything every time. There was no stop to the constant barrage of spit-ups, diaper changes, and feedings.

Tips For Buying A Compact Newborn Stroller

There are of course many infant stroller systems which are great for newborn babies as well as older babies and toddlers but the stroller frames are so simple to use, they take up so little space, and they are so affordable that it’s worth getting them buying them. For us we didn’t even regularly start putting our baby in a normal stroller for at least the first 6 months; he just didn’t need it.

I also found that the demand for infant stroller frames for car seats are in big enough demand that you can easily buy them used or sell them used when you no longer need them and save even more money. Even if you buy yours new for $60 or so you can usually find a buyer for your used frame later on for $25-$40. This can make a big difference if one’s budget considering there is so much to buy for your baby.

You can always buy a generic stroller frame which should adjust to and fit most major brands of car seats but I recommend buying the stroller frame made by the same brand that makes your car seat.

Baby Trends Snap ‘N Go stroller frame is one of the more inexpensive infant stroller frames on the market. We use the Graco SnugRider newborn car seat frame which is a tad more expensive. Other brands like Chicco, Jeep, Safety 1st, and Englacha among others make these stroller frames too. Depending on the brand you are looking at they may be slightly more or less expensive… but they are the best infant strollers in my opinion; they are definitely worth it.