The Best Injen Intake Systems

There comes a time in ownership of almost every car when the owner has a great desire to modify the engine components of the vehicle; Injen intake systems are one of the first components to come to mind the majority of the time. However, with such a large selection of series' and models within the product class of this brand name, it has become rather difficult to make a decision as to which one to purchase. It is mainly a matter of personal preference in regards to the benefits that are associated with each series and model; however, it doesn't hurt to be aware of the best that are available. This article lists and describes the most reputable series' and most popular models of Injen intake systems; use this information effectively, and you will surely make the best possible decision.

SP Series Injen Intake Systems

When it comes to the best types of filtration systems for your engine, the SP Series pretty much takes the cup! They offer models that are designed specifically for your engine, and have been designed to unlock the maximum amount of performance from your engine. The air that your engine inhales plays a large role in its fuel economy, throttle response, and horsepower availability; moreover, the SP Series of Injen intake systems allows all of these benefits to bne achieved by your vehicle to the maximum potential.

Short Ram Series Injen Intake Systems

Many people boast about the benefits that are associated with the installation of a cold air setup; however, many people simply overlook the benefits of the installation of the short ram series of Injen intake systems. The air has to travel a shorter distance to get to the engine head, which ultimately means that the throttle will be more responsive when it is triggered. In addition to that, it is significantly easier to install a model from the short ram series than any from the cold air series.

Race Diversion Series Injen Intake Systems

While the models from some series' are specifically geared towards making the loudest, and most aggressive noise, the ones from the Race Diversion series were designed to specifically unlock the maximum amount of horsepower. These Injen intake systems will do a phenomenal job at giving you the best possible throttle response time, as well as give you the absolute best horsepower gains. If you are looking for a model that will allow you to increase the performance level of your car to its fullest potential, than any of the models from the Race Diversion series will definitely do you well.

European Series Injen Intake Systems

Some people prefer a model that provides an all around balance to the enhancements that it provides to the car upon installation; the models in the European series of Injen intake systems will definitely serve those individuals well. They are designed to provide a slight overall improvement in the many areas that are associated with the installation of an intake system on your engine. These models will provide a little bit of louder sound, better throttle response time, better fuel economy, and more aggressive engine combustion.

Power-Flow Series Injen Intake Systems

Depending on the size of your engine, it may be beneficial for you to install a model that is primarily focused on providing a greater amount of air to the engine; this is usually the case with larger 6 or 8 cylinder engines. These engines make enough noise, and have a great enough throttle response time regardless of their air filter, so the amount of air that is being inhaled by the engine is their primary concern. The models in the Power-Flow series of Injen intake systems would definitely be perfectly suited for the cars that boast this type and size of engine.

When the time comes for you to fulfill your desires of the modification of the engine components of your car, you will definitely come across some desired models of Injen intake systems. Although absolutely all of these models will leave you with the satisfaction from the purchase, it is a matter of which models will leave you with the most satisfaction that causes some confusion. This article does a great job at listing and describing the most reputable series' of Injen intake systems, as well as the most popular models within each series. Use this information to your advantage, and you will surely be happy about what you have purchased and installed on your car.