There are two types of riders when it comes to rollerblades; there are the relaxed and comfortable riders, and then there are the aggressive riders. All of the inline aggressive skates that are featured in this article can definitely be worn by any of these riders, but are more geared towards the latter style. However, with such a large selection of potential pairs, it may be quite difficult to decide which of the inline aggressive skates will suit you the best. This article lists and describes the 5 most reputable brand names in regards to inline aggressive skates, as well as the most popular models within each brand name. Use this information to your advantage when you are ready to make a purchase, and you will surely be absolutely satisfied with what you have bought!

This is definitely not the "is all and end all" of aggressive skates because there are literally over 1000 different models to purchase. However, it is my personal opinion on some of the best pairs of inline skates that you can buy.

I like to consider these rollerblades to be backwards compatible because they can be worn for casual riding as well. You can be zooming around a turn one moment, and leisurely skating through the side streets the next...all with one of these pairs of skates!

Nimh Inline Aggressive Skates

Nimh has been present in the industry for quite a while, and has done a great job at building up their brand reputation through their inline aggressive skates. These models are bult tough enough to withstand the techniques that are involved in even the most intense variations of this sport. Skating aggressively involved jumping high, turning hard, and going fast; these models facilitate every single one of these techniques.

Corr ATS Inline Aggressive SkatesCredit:

Oli Short Pro

Shaman 2 White

Oli Short "Best Buy"

Brian Shima V.2 NS

Brian Shima V.2 Pro

Razors Inline Aggressive Skates

A razor is something that can cut through something because it is so sharp; Razors inline aggressive skates are designed to cut through the sharp turns just like the utensil that they were named after. Although they may be a tad bit more expensive than the other models that are featured throughout this article; however, the added features, great design, and increased durability will definitely warrant this additional price. Out of all of the aggressive skates that are offered on Amazon, I would definitely recommend Razor models above all else!

Razors Cult Inline Aggressive SkatesCredit:

Don Bambrick Pro

Genesys 7.2

Genesys CB

Genesys 7.1 Red Dawn

Cult 9

Cult B

Remz Inline Aggressive Skates

This brand has not been present in the industry for as long as some of the others that are featured in this article, but Remz has definitely done a great job at building a positive reputation in the short amount of time that they have been out. They offer an amazing selection of inline aggressive skates that will please you with their quality, design, shape, and durability. You should definitely consider the models that are listed below before you take a look at any others, as they serve as the best bang for your buck.

Roces M12 White Inline Aggressive SkatesCredit:



Chris Haffey 2.0

HR 1.1

OS 4

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USD Inline Aggressive Skates

USD bases many of their models of inline aggressive skates on the professional riders that many of their consumers look up to. This is a great thing because you can purchase the exact model that you idol skater uses. There is an added cost to their products because they are based on those that the professionals wear, but the added cost is warranted by the fact that you will be wearing that exact same pair.

Carbon Pro Complete

Kelso Carbon

Nick Lomax Pero

Billy O-Neill Pro

Richie Eisler Blue

Valo Inline Aggressive Skates

Valo is definitely the most reputable brand name out of all that are featured in this article. Their selection of inline aggressive skates is not that extensive, but you can be sure that you are getting a top quality product when it is branded by them. Every single model that the release has all of the features that every rider looks for in a pair of inline skates; this allows them to ave a smaller selection of models that are all of the best quality.

Broskow Black

Erik Bailey 1.4

SK.1 GC Formula

TV.2 Pro Carolina Blue Fit

Jon Julio Velcro

CORR ATS Aggressive Inline Skates, Size 4
Amazon Price: $49.99 Buy Now
(price as of Sep 27, 2015)

When the time comes to purchase a new pair of rollerblades you will be faced with the challenge of having to choose one pair out of a selection of hundreds. However, having the proper knowledge, and being aware of the proper information will make this decision a lot easier. This article is full of the best brands and models within this area of the sports industry. Use the examples that are provided here as a guide to purchase the best possible product for the best possible price!