When it comes to choosing the best inline skates, there are many companies that claim to offer them, but only a few of those companies actually build their rollerblades with quality in mind. The majority of the rollerblading brands simply produce new models to hype up the consumers and generate more commissions....not many of them actually make improvements to their inline skates from year to year!

The purpose of this article is not to point out the bad, but rather, it is to pick out the best rollerblades. With that being said, I am not going to simply tell you that a certain brand and model of roller skate is the best; I am actually going to go into detail as to why I deem that specific pair of rollerblades to be the best in a category or area!

K2 Produces The Best Inline Skates For Aggressive Turning

K2 has been producing rollerblades for men and women for many years, and has seen success with their sporting products because they produce them with quality in mind! I believe that K2 inline skates are the best for people that enjoy aggressively rollerblading on a variety of terrains.

I would not recommend a pair of K2 rollerblades to a person that casually wants to ride around their neighbourhood...they will end up overpaying for features that they don’t need. However, I would definitely recommend a pair of K2 inline skates, such as the Athena for women or F.I.T for men, to any person that enjoys riding at high speeds and taking very sharp turns!

I would highly recommend the following models by K2:

-F.I.T inline skates because they are known for their superb comfort

-A pair of Junior Merlin rollerblades for children to learn on

-The women’s Andra rollerblades because they have superb ankle support

In my opinion, K2 has created some of the best inline skates for both men and women...head on over to Amazon to check the out right now!

All Rollerblades Should Include At Least ABEC 3 Wheel Bearings!

Every rollerblade wheel has bearings inside of it, and those wheel bearings are rated on an ABEC scale! A higher ABEC rating means that the wheels have the potential to spin faster and for longer periods of time!

This means that a single stride on a rollerblade with ABEC 1 wheel bearings will allow you to travel for 3 seconds, while that same stride on a rollerblade with ABEC 3 wheel bearings will allow you to glide for a full 6 seconds. A higher ABEC rating translates to less strides, and therefore less effort!

With that being said, I think that the best inline skates are equipped with ABEC 3 wheel bearings at the very least!

This is usually where sporting companies skimp out on their quality! Many brands will equip their rollerblades with ABEC 1 wheel bearings and lower their price! By doing this, these companies come across as offering rollerblades for the best price, when they are realistically lowering the quality of their product!

Bladerunner Has A Wide Selection Of Girls’ Inline Skates-Pink And Stylish

Our society has really evolved into releasing the same amount of men’s and women’s sporting products. There was a point in time in which sporting stores would mainly sell men’s rollerblades; however, most stores now sell the same amount of women’s inline skates and men’s!

Bladrunner has actually done a phenomenal job at removing this stereotype by releasing an entire line of women’s rollerblades. To top it off, I would deem them as selling the best inline skates for women!

Their women’s roller skates are pink and stylish, and even offer a ton of support for women’s ankles!

Take a look at the Bladerunner rollerblades on Amazon...many pairs are being sold at insanely discounted prices!

Go For A Roller Derby Pair If You Are On A Tight Budget

I know that I have mentioned 2 different rollerblade brands throughout this article; however, I have yet to mention the one and only brand that allow you to buy quality inline skates while being on a tight budget! Roller Derby is a not-so-popular brand that produces inline skates for both men and women!

They have done a phenomenal job at producing many stylish pairs of rollerblades for less than $30! That’s right, you can get a decent pair of rollerblades for under $30!

I am not saying that these are the absolute best inline skates that you can buy, but they are the best pairs for under $100!

At the end of the day, there will always be companies that produce good rollerblades at high prices, and bad rollerblades at low prices. You goal should be to find the best inline skates that fall within your price range!