Faxing Over the Internet

Finding the Best Internet Fax Program

If you are one of those people that can't believe you can send a fax by internet, then you need to read this article about finding the best fax by internet program. The internet fax program is no longer a thing of mystery and anticipation, it is now a common business solution. Internet fax programs have proliferated rapidly in the last few years, and internet faxing offers a number of distinct advantages over the traditional methods. For one, your home office or small business can totally bypass the expense and time of having a separate phone line added and linked up to a bulky office fax machine just by downloading and setting up an internet fax program.

Qualities of the Best Internet Fax Programs

Fax by internet programs have become so popular lately because they are essentially spanning the gap between old-school faxing and e-mails in business environments, which have become the preferred method of business communication because of their ease and reliability. Fax by internet programs have made tremendous progress lately in terms of ease of use and complexity of features. In many cases, internet fax program users can keep their programs up and running and send their data off in a fax without even having to minimize their work!

The Most Popular Internet Fax Programs

Internet Fax Program 1: MyFax

One of the most popular fax by internet programs is MyFax, a service which offers free start-up and a modest $10 per month charge. MyFax also offers a free trial period which lasts a generous 30 days. Subscribers will also receive 24/7 customer support as well as online fax storage for one year. This means that if you are faxing by internet using MyFax, you will be able to review and retrieve the data you have sent for up to a year through your account. When you subscribe to the basic internet fax program plan, you can send and receive 500 internet faxes combined before getting charged .10 cents per page. If you think you can stay well within this limit, MyFax is a good choice for an internet fax program, given its low monthly subscription rates.

Internet Fax Program2: RingCentral

Another popular fax by internet program, RingCentral also allows prospective users a free 30 day trial period as well as a combined 500 times to send and receive faxes by computer before triggering the cost per page model. RingCentral comes in slightly less expensive than MyFax at $9.89 per month, but unlike MyFax, RingSense also offers a potentially significant annual discount at $6.59 off per month if you pay for an entire year. This could be a clincher for business users or power home office users that rely on sending and receiving fax by internet. RingCentral also offers 24/7 tech support, which is very handy when you really need it, but their cost per page is actually much less at 6 cents per overage page. Another major boon to RingCentral users is that online fax storage is unlimited, whereas most competitors will only store your information for a limited time. Compared with other internet fax programs, RingCentral is a solid starter choice.

Internet Fax Program 3: Nextiva

Nextiva is priced similarly to the previous two entries, at $9.95 per month, but its major difference is that its plan is designed to support one user. Depending upon your set-up, this may or may not be a dealbreaker, but internet faxers will be happy to know that Nextiva only charges 3 cents per overage page. Nextiva users also get 24/7 tech support but Nextiva's online fax storage leaves a little to be desired at only 6 months of storage time. Nextiva is probably the best internet fax program for a casual or single household user.

Internet Fax Program 4: MetroFax

MetroFax is slightly more per month than previous entries, weighing in at $12.95 per month. However, if you don't mind paying slightly more, you will be happy to know that MetroFax only charges 3 cents per overage page AND gives users 1000 combined pages to send and receive internet faxes with. Obviously MetroFax is the ideal internet fax program for power users and small businesses that know they are going to have pretty constant internet faxing traffic, because it offers double the usual number of pages at far less than twice the cost of competitors. The major downside of this internet fax program that will probably be noticed by power and business users is that MetroFax tech support is not round the clock like the other internet fax programs. MetroFax's tech support staff are available Monday through Friday 8 to 9 eastern standard time. MetroFax is also unique in not offering a 30 day free trial, making it the best internet fax program for people that already have some experience with sending and receiving faxes by computer.

Internet Fax Program 5: eFax

eFax is surprisingly more expensive than all other previous entries at $16.95 per month. Although it does offer a hefty annual pay discount of $14 plus dollars per month, one has to wonder how this internet fax program's unusually high monthly subscription rate is justified, given that eFax users only get 130 incoming internet faxes for free and only 30 outgoing faxes. Overage pages are also a whopping 15 cents per page, making eFax one of the more expensive options in the internet faxing industry. Online storage with eFax is unilimited, and its tech support is available 24/7, but on the whole eFax seems to deliver much less bang for your buck than some of the other internet fax programs available today.