Tired of using generic online radio stations? Looking to add some variety to your music selections? Then check out three inovative online radio stations! Be sure to check out the mobile applications of any you like as well. 

3. Pandora

Remember how amazing Pandora was when it first came out? You'd type in your favorite artist(s) or genre(s), and then a station with a similarly sound would play. No commercials, no ads, just pure music. Everything you ever wanted from a real world radio station conveniently located online. Pure bliss. However, that bliss began to fade. Stations never seemed to update and would play the same songs, in the same order, and sometimes even duplicate tracks. Ads moved in. And of course, we all know this screen:

Are you still there?Credit: http://bminusblogs.files.wordpress.com/2012/11/screen-shot-2012-10-26-at-2-12-34-pm.png

These are all tolerable expenses to pay, so, we kept coming back to you, Pandora. Mostly because you were still good enough. The fact that we also didn't know where else to go played a little part as well.


2. Songza

SongzaCredit: http://songza.com/

Introducing music based on mood and occasions! Songza is a lot of fun to use and play around with. It drills down a few more levels and provides you with three playlist choices. Needless to say, it has a simple and easy to use interface and is pretty straight forward. No account or log in required. No commercials. Just go to the site, pick what you're in the mood for and go. Unfortunately, the music is put together by admins so the playlist selection sometimes feels limited. User submissions are an incredible thing and it's what separates two from one. 


1. 8tracks

8tracksCredit: http://8tracks.com/

8tracks is a radio station for the users, by the users. Enter a few tags, moods, genes, artists and pick from a vast collection of user submitted playlists. Tags are all over the map, from general "awesome" to specific "gardening". Search for the most specific tag you can think of and 8tracks probably has it. All free, no commercials, easily navigated. One thing that I would recommend is to create an account. Being a member drastically improves upon the guest experience by making you feel more involved with the ever growing and evolving 8tracks community. Like someones playlist? Tell them why and check out some of their other mixes, then follow them. Puting together your own playlist(s), choosing an album cover, title, tags is a fun and rewarding experience whether you're making your playlist just for you or for the masses. They may listen, like, comment and follow you. Or, they may not. In any case, having an online radio station full of your uniquely created playlists and imaginative tags, isn't such a thing to have, is it?  



Have some stations you think I should check out? Let me know!