An Introduction to the Spanish Lessons

An Introduction about myself and how I plan to Teach Spanish

I am currently learning Spanish myself, my journey began when I went on an exchange program to Barcelona through University. At this point I couldn’t even order a cup of coffee.

From my experience the only good way to begin learn Spanish is from a Teacher and other Students, and only when the essentials were in place did Spanish learning products like Audio Cds and Computer programs begin to make sense, and only then did I have the motivation to really participate with the products.

Now I am very fluent but still have more to learn to match the native speakers.

These lessons are brought to you by a native English speaker who learnt to speak Spanish, and if you are in the same situation then this might help you a lot, as you will fall into the same pit holes and have the same questions as I did when I started.

I will also assume you have never learnt to speak another language and English is your only Language, so I will explain clearly how the Spanish language is structured, and point out the similarities between English and Spanish.

I will structure the classes into three parts an introduction where you will learn basic greetings. Beginner where I will teach you the structure of the Spanish language, this will be heavily directed towards the present tense verbs. Advanced will be the longest section and here we will go over the rest of the tenses and grammar.

The reason I’ve structured the classes in this fashion is because I have put together the way I was taught Spanish, the way I learnt Spanish and the way I wish I was taught Spanish.

The Introduction:

The Introduction is very important, as if Spanish is the first language you are learning, you will not know how a language is structured, and you won’t realise the rules in place to make everything function correctly, because you learnt English as a baby, you don’t think about the imperfect tense, the present tense and chances are you don’t know what these terms mean, just like I didn’t when I first started out. The Introduction will teach you the meanings of these terms and the structure of the Spanish language, I will also teach you these structures in the English language so you can see the similarities and can begin to make the connections yourself, for example if you don’t know how to structure a tense in Spanish, by learning how you automatically do so in English you can remind yourself how to do it in Spanish.

The Beginner Phase:

The beginner phase will only look at the present tense as this is the hardest, it is the hardest only because it’s the first one, once you have unlocked how to do it, all of the other tenses will come much easier, they will be no more head scratching but rather simply memorizing.

The Advanced Phase:

In the Advanced Phase we will systematically go through all of the other tenses, as they will be very easy to understand, if you have learnt the present tense. It is the longest phase in work but will be as short as the Beginner Phase in time as, as I said it will be a matter of memorising not understanding.


Final Note:

What I have created here is not the definitive Spanish course, but it is what I wish I had when I began to learn Spanish. What this course will do is allow you to get more out of classroom sessions, more out of the Audio and Video programs that are on the market.

The only unease I have with the Spanish learning products is they all try to teach you Spanish with your eyes closed, showing you only a little bit but keeping you mostly in the dark. I personally had to do it this way and it took a long time and it was very unmotivating and frustrating.

These lessons will show you the whole image, I will bring you to the light, and once you understand how everything works will the Spanish learning products and Spanish classes make more sense.


So I hope this is helpful to you,

And please write comments on anything you don’t understand or if you too were a student of Spanish what you wished you were told and taught before you began you journey aswell.

Thank You!