Finding senior citizen employment doesn't have to be a challenging experience. According to "the good news [for seniors] is that their options are numerous and seem to be growing." The USA Today reported that there has been a downturn in younger applicants vying for jobs in certain fields and industries because of lack of interests or skill. These are the fields that seniors can thrive in if they do their employment search correctly and find which industry vest accomadates them and their financial needs.


The retail industry can have some of the best jobs for seniors because it offers them opportunities ideal for flexiable scheduling. Seniors can decide whether they can only work part-time or full-time and whether they can take the job as a seasonal position or all year round. There are so many different retail companies that offer employee health benefits. For instance, Wal-Mart gives their seniors the chance to be eligible for health insurance/coverage. Moreover, seniors don't have to worry about receiving any outside training or certification for the field of retail as most retail companies provide their own on-site training. Health benefits are yet another perk for seniors working in retail. .

Work-At-Home (WAH)

Self-employed workers are becoming on the rise as many Americans are finding out that they can not only make a decent living, but thrive on self-employed profits if they do it the right way. Many seniors are looking for ways to have some level of financial freedom as well as a flexible work schedule. Seniors need to evalute their skills, talents and areas of expertise and find self-employed opportunities that compliment their best attributes. Some popular ideas for self-employed or work-at-home opportunities are: cooking/baking business, independent caregiving services, house sitting, tutoring (best for retired teachers), wholesale distribution business or an education specialist (one who holds seminars part-time in her area of expertise).


Tourism is a great industry for seniors. Retired seniors sometimes become frequent travelers and the travel sector is an open market for seniors,making them able to use their own personal experience for traveling to their financial benefit. The best jobs for senior in the tourism industry are travel agents, tour guides, cruise performers, timeshare/vacation property consultants or a hotel or airline associates. Seniors can take advantage to working during their vacation or summer months while accruing the benefits and perks of having a job in the traveling industy!