Pushing a lawn mower around is an old tradition that nobody follows anymore! Technology and improved engines have made it possible for lawn mowers to make their way across your lawn on their own; all that you have to do is steer them. John Deere has been a brand that has produced the best landscaping tools for many years.

Combining those to facts together has led us to find a John Deere lawn mower that is self propelled!

It doesn’t get any better than a lawn mower that propels itself over the grass and is also made by one of the best landscaping brands known to man!

Troy-Bilt TB350XP 12AKD39B066 Deluxe Self Propelled Mower
Amazon Price: $499.99 Buy Now
(price as of Sep 7, 2013)

I have placed an alternative lawn mower above. It falls in a close second place to the ones that John Deere manufactures!

John Deere JX90-Self Propelled Mower For A Small Budget

You might think that you’re going crazy when you see the prices of some of the John Deere mowers because many of them will cost you upwards of $1000...nobody pays that much for a machine to mow their front lawn.

However, John Deere has begun to release a few machines that would be suitable for people that have a slightly smaller budget. The most amazing thing about these budget lawn mowers is the fact that they are still backed by the JD brand name, which means that they are still built with quality being the primary concern.

Coming in at just under $400, I would say that this is the best self propelled mower that John Deere has created with regards to landscaping a small home.  Its 21 inch cutting width is absolutely perfect for cutting the grass in your backyard.

*You should also take a look at the HUGE selection of 21 inch self propelled mowers if $400 is too high for your budget*

Variable Speed-One Of The Greatest Features Of These Mowers

John Deere is known to release their products with large price tags attached to them, but they are also known to offer durable landscaping equipment that is equipped with many features! Variable speed is one of the greatest features that you can get in a John Deere self propelled mower.

When self propelled landscaping equipment was first released, they were only offered with a single speed setting...and that speed was usually too slow or too fast. However, technology has progressed, and new innovations have been made.

John Deere was one of the first landscaping brands to release a lawn mower that offered a variable speed for the “push motor”. Every single self propelled mower that was made by John Deere features a lever that allows you to control exactly how fast or slow the machine travels over the grass.

Although John Deere was one of the first brands to offer the variable speed option, many other companies have hopped on board. Take a look at the self propelled mowers on Amazon to see some of the other variable speed machines!

Larger Wheels At The Back For Easier Turning

Cars were meant to have 4 equally sized wheels; however, lawn mowers perform much better when they have larger wheels at the back! John Deere has created almost all of their self-propelled lawn mowers to have larger wheels at the back in light of this statement.

Larger back wheels translate to better traction for the “push motor”, clearance over obstructions in the grass, and better handling when it comes to turns. The large wheels also allow you to manoeuvre around the flower beds on your lawn in a much easier manner!

When it comes to the back wheels of a lawn mower...Bigger Is Better!

All Of The “R” Series Lawn Mowers Have Multiple Height Positions

Do you remember the days when lawn mowers had 2 or 3 different height positions to choose from? It always seemed like the grass was either too short or too long!

John Deere’s love for modern innovation has allowed them to create their self propelled lawn mowers in their “R” series to have up to 9 different height positions to choose from. This means that you will be able to cut the grass at the absolute perfect height!

I’m sure that you had a good idea of the brand reputability that John Deere had well before reading through this article. They have made a name for themselves by offering amazing products and backing them by the best warranties.

I would say that the best John Deere self propelled lawn mower is the one that suits your budget and needs in the best manner. That may be the R47KB if you have a small amount of grass to mow or the JX90 if you’re looking for something with a bit more! These are literally the landscaping tools of the future due to their amazing innovations, so you should definitely get your hands on one right now!