The Best K2 Inline Skates

There are literally hundreds of models from different brands that you can choose from when it comes to the purchase of a pair of rollerblades; however, K2 inline skates happen to be one of the best possible pairs that you can buy. K2 inline skates are offered in a large variety of different designs, colors, shapes, and sizes; however, it is a matter of which models are the best that seems to cause some confusion. This article lists and describes the 5 most popular types of K2 inline skates, as well as the most popular models within each type; use this information to make an educated decision, and purchase the best possible pair that will leave you the most satisfied with your purchase.

Kids K2 Inline Skates

Although the majority of individuals that participate in this hobby of rollerblading are in their teenage or adult years, most of them had started to participate when they were kids. With that being said, kids K2 inline skates are one of the most popular products to currently be offered on the market. They provide children with the opportunity to wear a pair that is just as durable, attractive, and well designed as their adult idol may wear. The best part about these models is that they are all offered at a rather discounted price that can be deemed as affordable by many.



Missy Jr.

Moto Jr.

Moto Extreme Jr.

Fitness K2 Inline Skates

One of the main reasons that individuals take up rollerblading as one of their hobbies is to increase their fitness levels, participate in cardiovascular activity, and raise their heart rate significantly. Fitness K2 inline skates are one of the best ways to accomplish all three of these things. They are designed in a way that will allow for the most exhilarating excursion to be achieved. Although they may be slightly more expensive than the other models that are listed in this article, they will allow you to lose weight and stay fit.


Moto 80

Moto Boa

T:Nine Athena

T:Nine Alexis

X-Training K2 Inline Skates

Every single model that this company creates is specially geared towards one aspect of the recreational sport. The X-Training K2 inline skates are designed in a way that will allow you to jump the highest, travel the fastest, and turn the hardest out of all of the models that are featured throughout this article. If you are into the most extreme aspect of this sport, then the below listed models should definitely be one of your primary choices.

Mach 90

T:Nine Celena

T:Ninme Electra

Mach 100

Mach 100 Custom

Training K2 Inline Skates

Any individual that is a professional in this sport will tell you that one of the most important aspects of this area is the training that is involved. The training K2 inline skates that are featured below are designed for durability. Whether you are simply learning how to travel with rollerblades or trying to perfect your newest trick, durability is one of the most important factors in the model that you may select; it will ensure that your purchase stays in one piece through the imperfections that you are sorting through when you are learning.

Radical 100 W

Radical 100 M

Radical 100

Radical Pro

Commission K2 Inline Skates

If there was a line of K2 inline skates that people could deem as being the best in the design class, it would definitely be the Commission line. These models are designed in a way that will allow the head to turn of absolutely anybody that sees you riding around. Whether you are professionally competing or simply riding down your city's sidewalks, you should always place a significant emphasis on the way that your rollerblades look.

Fat Joe


Il Capo

The Don

K2 is one of the best brand names to be available to the common consumer; they offer a wide selection of models that are available for purchase. They are all durable, attractive, colorful, and will last you longer than you can imagine. The combination of all of these features have allowed this brand name to build up this positive reputation, and be deemed as one of the best on the market. Use the models that are featured throughout this article as a guide before you make a purchase, and you will surely be satisfied with what you have bought.