The Best K And N Air Filters

There are a ton of brands that dominate the industry that surrounds engine filtration components; however, K And N air filters seems to be the most popular and effective product line of its kind. Although all of their parts will leave you with the satisfaction of purchase once you are done with them, it is a matter of which K And N air filters will leave you with the most satisfaction once you have installed them. This is a mixture of the quality of the product itself, as well as the ability of its features to suit your specific wants and needs. This article lists and describes the most reputable series' of K And N air filters, as well as the most popular models within each series. Use this information effectively, and there is no doubt that you will be absolutely satisfied with your potential purchase!

Universal K And N Air Filters

Although purchasing one of these universal models may not provide you with the extended benefits of ones that are specifically crafted for your vehicle, they are definitely easy to install and will provide you with a substantial amount of benefits. These universal K And N air filters pretty much simply bolt on to your stock air box, and will provide a louder and more aggressive sound. Their horsepower and performance gains will not be as great as the vehicle specific models; however, they can be transferred to any of your future vehicles. The models that are listed below are the most popular in their category.

Round Straight

Round Tapered

Oval Tapered

Dual Flange Straight Oval

X Stream Air Flow Top

Stock Replacement K And N Air Filters

Sometimes people simply want an inexpensive and easy upgrade to their existing setup in regards to the air that flows through the engine; moreover, these stock replacement K And N air filters are the perfect solution for those individuals. Their installation is usually as simple as removing the old filter from the air box under your hood, and replacing it with the new aftermarket model. One of the greatest features of these models is that they are absolutely washable, and will allow you to never have to purchase another one for the entire life of your car. Some of the most noted benefits of K And N air filters are as follows:

Engine Protection

Engine Filtration

Improved Fuel Economy

Horsepower Gain

Million Mile Limited Warranty

Kit Packages Of K And N Air Filters

Aside from the actual filter part of these models, there are optional tubes and clamps that you can purchase as a complete set. Although these kits will run you up a pretty penny, they will definitely provide you with the absolute best gains that are possible from the engine that you are working with. These kit packages of K And N air filters will provide you with a substantial amount and quality of benefits, while still providing you with a discount on if you would have purchased all of the parts that are included separately.

Simple Bolt On Installation

Horsepower Gains

High-Flow Technology

Air Intake Tubes

50 State Street Legal

Apollo Universal Cold K And N Air Filters

When it comes to big engines with a great amount of horsepower, the Apollo models of universal cold K And N air filters seem to be the best choice that is available for purchase! They are specifically designed to be strong, and durable enough to hold their weight with engines that are producing up to 350 horsepower, and will definitely provide you with the performance gains that you are looking for when you are dealing with the engines of this calibre.



70mm Stepped Adapter

Apollo CIS


Custom K And N Air Filters For Harley Davidson Motorcycles

Although the majority of the models that are found within the selection of this brand name are specifically geared towards the installation on cars, there is a limited selection of models that were specifically made for the installation on Harley Davidson motorcycles! Although Harley Davidson motorcycles are already phenomenal straight from the factory, the implementation of these K And N air filters will take their performance, and sound to a whole new level. Although the selection of models within this series is rather extensive, the models that are listed below seem to be the best that are available to the common consumer.

Screamin' Eagle Touring

Screamin' Eagle With Twin Cam

Screamin' Eagle Reverse Tapered

Screamin' Eagle Evo Straight Element

RK Sportster

K And N air filters play a large role in the gross sales of the market that surrounds car engine modification; however, it has become quite difficult to make a decision among the many different series' and models within the brand itself. This article makes the decision a whole lot easier by providing you with the most reputable series' and most popular models of K And N air filters; use this information effectively, and you will surely make an educated decision that will leave you with complete satisfaction for nearly the entire life of your car.