Top selling Keen sandals for women.

Since their start in 2003, Keen sandals have been a hit and household name for anyone that spends serious time outdoors. The sandals were the inspiration. The company wanted to develop sandals with toe protection for rugged hiking but still keep feet cool in the warm outdoors. Keen sandals for women now come in rugged, fashionable wedges and mary janes, flip-flop, and even slip on styles. A Keen summer shoe for everyday wear, whether it’s to the office, the outdoors, or even a wedding.

The Keen Women's Whisper Sandal

KEEN Women's Whisper Water Shoe,Bluestone/Neutral Grey,8 M US
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(price as of Dec 29, 2013)
This is exactly what you think of when you picture Keen sandals for women. They fit securely over the foot and at the back of the heel, protect the toes, but let air flow through. They are waterproof and thick-soled with good traction for serious hiking or creek-walking. They adjust to your foot size with an elastic cord that runs along the top of the shot that you can tighten or loosen as needed. These come in an assortment of colors and patterns including teal, orange, blue, yellow, pink, orchid, purple, and more. This also comes in a slide version - it looks and fits exactly the same but does not have a heel strap. The foot base is made with Microban to make it antimicrobial cutting down on that stinky shoe smell.

See how versatile the Whisper sandal is in this video.

The Keen Summer Sandal with Straps for Women with Memory Foam

Keen Women's Summer Golden Sandal,Mimosa,10.5 M US
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(price as of Dec 29, 2013)
The Keen summer sandal is fashionable enough to wear to the office but still have a sturdy sole for wearing while camping or doing some easy hiking. These are probably not great for heavy hiking however. The wide fit and memory foam under your feet makes them especially comfortable. Color choices include green, orange, purple, and blue. The top material is canvas, and it has an adjustable strap and rubber soles.

Wear to Work Wedges

Easy Street Women's Keen Wedge Sandal,White,8.5 M US
Amazon Price: $49.99 Buy Now
(price as of Dec 29, 2013)
Great with a dress, at work, and weekends. These may be a surprise to many who know the Keen brand. But the company is venturing into more fashionable trends, but in keeping with their comfortable reputation. The heel is only 1.25 inches. Customers say it fits true to size, but the back strap is a bit wide - which may be a plus for some. Comes in womens sizes 5 to 12. Color choices include white, black, turquoise, lavender, brown, cream, and a dark and light blue floral prints for the Hawaii feel.

Keens are a Personal Favorite

The Keen sandals are our family's favorite summer shoes. We spend the summer camping, hiking, and just exploring the outdoors in them. Highly recommended!

You Can Find Keen Sandals on eBay

You may be able to save some money on your new Keen summer sandals by shopping at eBay. Or find hard to find sizes and styles there. Since these sandals are washable and durable, buying used in great condition at a deal is also an option, but you can also find discount new shoes there too. These are often last season shoes you can’t buy in the store anymore.