The Kerastraight Smoothing Treatment Gave Me the Hair I Always Wanted!

The best keratin treatment for your hair is the Kerastraight Smoothing Treatment. If you were born with ultra curly and frizzy mane like me, you probably have similar hair issues. Growing up watching Cher, Marcia Brady, Laurie Partridge, and host of other straight haired beauties on television, I could find no one whose locks resembled mine. Then along comes Farrah Fawcett and her tousled look! It was enough to make me spend the entire eighth grade with a bandana covering my head.  I had one for every day of the week!

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In the countless years discovering this treatment, I had spent countless hours trying to straighten my curls, only to have it frizz up at the slightest bit of humidity. Summer was the must brutal tim

e for me in terms of my hairstyles. I would simply pile my long curls on top of my head in what I called my “bunny tail”, and wear it that way until fall.

Before Kerastraight, I had used flat irons, blow dryers, enormous rollers, and no lye hair relaxers. I had my hair professionally straightened, only to have my frizz grow back and have the rest of my hair laying straight.

Whenever there was a new mousse, gel, shampoo or serum for curly hair, I tried it. I had nothing to lose (except my curls).

But nothing worked until I tried this Smoothing Treatment, which is by far the best one available.

The Process

You Need to Take Care of Your Newly Treated Hair

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Kerastraight is unlike other Brazilian Keratin smoothing treatments. First of all, it contains no formaldehyde, which is a poison. As much as I wanted straight hair, I did not want to poison myself in the process.

Another reason why Kerastraight is the best keratin smoothing treatment is that you are able to wash you hair after the treatment is finished. With other keratin treatments, you had to wait three full days before shampooing, and not put your hair in a pony tail, behind your ears, or on top of your head.

If you have color treated or bleached hair, you can still use Kerastraight as long as your hair has been colored more than two days before your treatment. It is safe for any kind of chemically treated hair.

My local Ulta salon had a special promotion on the Kerastraight process. After doing a lot of research, I decided to have the treatment done.

The process takes between two to four hours, depending on how long, thick and course your hair is. As soon as you get to the salon, your hair will be washed with the Kerastraight Clarifying Shampoo to remove any product that is in it.


Then your hair is blown dry before the Kerastraight is brushed into it. After letting it set in for twenty minutes, your hair is blown dry again. Next it is flat ironed straight.

After this process, you are shampooed again. My stylist then blow dried my locks and flat ironed it. When she was done, my mane of curly frizz was long, silky, shiny and as straight as Cher’s!

The treatment will last from two to four months. In order to make it last longer, I will be using special shampoo and conditioner that is sulfate free and formulated keratin treated locks.

The best keratin treatment for your hair is the Kerastraight Smoothing Treatment. I cannot ever imagine wearing curls ever again!