Whether your child is first beginning to learn to ride a bicycle or is an experienced rider, it is important for them to wear kids BMX helmets. However, with literally hundreds of makes and models to choose from, it can get quite difficult to make the decision as to which ones to purchase. Just like any other product in life, kids BMX helmets are filled with the best models, and the worst models in regards to safety, design, comfort, and shape. This article lists the top 5 brands when it comes to kids BMX helmets, as well as the top 5 models within each of those brands; take a look at these before you consider the purchase of this type of product, and you as well as your child will surely be ecstatic about the purchase!

Giro Kids BMX Helmets

There are a ton of reputable brand names when it comes to kids BMX helmets; moreGiro Rodeo Kids BMX And Bike HelmetCredit: Amazon.comover, each of these brands have earned their reputation in being excellent in one or more areas of these products. Giro on the contrary has earned a solid reputation in regards to the comfort, design, shape, and durability of their products. This means that you will be more than satisfied if you purchase any one of the models that are listed below.

Me2 Child $39.99

Indicator Sport $39.99

Rodeo Youth $34.99

Flak Multi-Sport $44.99

Flume Youth $69.99

Disney Kids BMX Helmets

When you are a child riding a bicycle, the design on your protective gear usually means much more to you than the degree of comfort, and safety that it provides. On that note, these Disney kids BMX helmets will leave your child ecstatic about the images and designs that surround their gear, while staying fully protected in the unfortunate event of a fall. They are offered in a wide vCars McQueen Bicycle And BMX Helmet For KidsCredit: Amazon.comariety of Disney characters, so your child's favourite is bound to be on one of them!

Cars McQueen Hardshell $24.99

Princess Micro $24.99

Princess Hardshell And Pad Pack $29.99

Power Rangers Mystic Force $34.99

Lightning McQueen And Bell $19.99

Bell Kids BMX Helmets

Bell is one of the most reputable brand names for a ton of different types of protective gear for bicycle riding; however, they are especially famous for their kids BMX helmets that areBell Kids Black Helmet With Paul Frank SkullCredit: Amazon.com offered in their product line. Their equipment have very basic designs, and their main focus is definitely to provide the maximum protection and durability consistently throughout every single product that they produce.

Faction Multi-Sport $44.99

Fraction $44.99

Shadow Purple Patchwork Butterfly $19.99

Zoomer $16.99 Trigger Youth $34.99

Pacific Cycle Kids BMX Helmets

Pacific is more of a distributor of kids BMX helmets than a producer of them; this is a great thing because they offer a wide variety of types and styles of products to choose from, rather than simply one product class. In addition to their larger selection of products, they seem to maintain the competitive prices that the original manufacturers have set the standards for.

Dora Micro With Pads $24.99

Mickey Mouse Club Micro With Pads $24.99

Dora Hardshell With Pads $24.99

Diego Micro With Pads $24.99

Hannah Montana Hardshell Denim $29.99

Schwinn Kids BMX Helmets

Schwinn is one of the most well known bicycle manufacturers in regards to middle-high priced bicycles; in addition to that, they manufacture a plethora of kids BMX helmets that can be bought by the public. Although they have developed this great reputation through the creation of their bicycles, they have been able to maintain it by producing great quality protective gear that is visually pleasing, as well as very protective.

Toddler's Carnival $16.99

Toddler's Skull Boy $18.99

Girls' Codex $17.99

Girls' Blossom $19.99

Boys' Booster $19.99

When the time comes for your toddler to begin learning how to ride a bicycle, they are definitely going to be in dire need of some protective gear to shield from the potential falls that they may take. These models that are featured in this article are considered the best of the best regarding their durability, degree of comfort, design, shape, and cost. Be sure to check out these models before you look at any others, and you will surely be satisfied with your purchase!