Looking for the best knee support braces under 50 dollars? An injured or sore knee isn’t easy to live with and it restricts the amount of activity you can do.  Some people like knee braces for extra support during activities such as hiking, biking, or general sports. Other people use a knee brace to help them recover form injures or just to relive overall knee joint pain.

A good knee brace can make all the difference in the range of motion you have and how fast any injuries you have may heal. Here are some suggestions for good knee braces under 50 dollars. Please note that you can spend much more on a knee brace so keep that in mind.

McDavid Ligament Knee Support

McDavid Ligament Knee Support


The McDavid Ligament support provides good all-round protection.  The Neoprene knee brace with steel stays provides enough support while the two-sided nylon construction ensures your knee brace will last a long time and the stays help to keep you supported in the brace. The brace also features two Velcro straps and four elastic crossing straps that provide extra support while the wide back of the support helps with your mobility and range on motion. This knee support retails online between $17.00-45.00 depending upon the size you want. Sizes range from small to xx-large for this knee brace product.

Maxar Airprene (Breathable Neoprene) Knee Brace

Maxar Airprene (Breathable Neoprene) Knee Brace
 This knee brace from Maxar is perfect for those who need to heal after knee surgery or those that just want extra support for a sore knee. This product is comfortable to wear and it’s made with breathable materials. This brace provides excellent knee protection and you can wear it during activities such as sports. This product will run you between $26.00-29.00 online and comes in small through to xx large sizes.

Pro-Lite LA 3D Orthopedic Knit Compression Support Brace

Pro-Lite LA 3D Orthopedic Knit Compression Knee Support BraceCredit: Amazon

This brace comes in various colors and the anti-slip cuffs provide for a secure fit without constriction problems. The brace provides superior comfort behind the knee and features breathable materials. The brace gives you gradient compression to promote the healing process. The anatomical contouring of the brace gives you natural motion. This brace is a nice alternative to Neoprene.  This brace comes in small to xx large sixes and will run you between $30.00-48.00 online.

Safe-T-Sport Neoprene Knee Support 

Safe-T-Sport Neoprene Knee SupportCredit: Amazon

The Safe-T Neoprene  support provides compression with warmth to protect injuries or give you extra support. This support is a standard Neoprene pullover knee brace that limits swelling while providing protection. The Neoprene generates heat which increases circulation to the knee and decreases the pain. The thick support restricts excess motion while providing support. You won’t want to do much activity in this device as it is more for knee injuries than overall support. This is the perfect device for knee contusions, general knee pain, or sprains. This device comes in small to xx large sizes and will run you between $20.00-22.00 through online retailers.

Note on Braces

These knee braces are only meant as suggestions only and are not meant as medical advice. Please consult your doctor to determine the best overall knee brace that is best for you and follow his or her recommendations. There are a lot of knee brace products out in the marketplace to choose from so pick the one that is suited to your overall condition or specific needs. You’ll find other professional braces for more money that are used specifically for sports or serious knee injuries.