A touch of history about candles

Candles have come a long way since 3000 BC when the ancient Egyptians are said to have made candles with the white fat of cattle or sheep. There are even earlier beliefs from historians;that primitive men used dried branches dipped in fat to produce light. 

These days we no longer need a wick, just 1 or 2 batteries or a recharging unit and Bob's your uncle; a modernised version of an authentic candle. Flameless LED candles are surprisingly cheap, realistic and will compliment any home decor just nicely.

Wax candles are pretty expensive to buy, especially authentic beeswax wax candles.  Many cheaper candles are made with paraffin,and many are also mixed with plastic material.  If authentic 100% beeswax candles are in a sale for £2 don't be too surprised if they are not beeswax at all.  Authentic beeswax candles can cost around £25 for a 60g candle with up to 50 hours burn time.

If your looking for th perfect candle to set off your romantic valentines meal in style, why not try a flameless LED candle?

1#The tealight LED flameless Candle

The tealight LED flameless candle is great to look at. It's available in packs of 12 and I keep these little rays of sunshine under my sink in the event of a Flameless LED tealight candlespowercut.There is nothing quite so annoying than being stranded in the dark; banging into door frames in the hope to find a box of matches and a few wax candles or a torch.

It doesn't take the brains of an Arch Bishop to realise the potential fire hazard of regular wax candles,especially when you have toddlers or pets jumping around. 

The tealight LED flameless candle can flicker for over 24 hours (if you were to leave it on continuously that is).This shows, just how often you will have to buy a battery. They are available in a whole bunch of different colours and are also perfect for outdoor celebrations too!. Whats even more attractive about them is the cheap price.

# 2The Philips Imageo flameless rechargeable white candle lights 

The Philips Imageo flameless candle is stylish and chic, a must for any modern home. This is the "iPhone" of the flameless LED candle world. It comes beautifuphilips imageo flameless rechargeable white candle lightsCredit: amazonlly packaged in a wireless rechargeable unit, and whats more for a very reasonable price, there are 3 of them which is excellent value for money!.

If a touch of class is whats needed then your home is the home for these, they create a great atmosphere and they boast a lazy but charming tilt mechanism on/off switch for minimal fuss.The philips imageo flamless candle is also very suitable for indoor and outdoor use as it is water-resistant.

Once again, just like the flameless LED tealight, the Philips imageo flameless rechargeable white candle lights are the safest option to buy for homes with children and pets as there is no fire hazard, if you are after value for money, then this rechargeable flameless candle set is for you!

# 3 The frostfire mooncandles with vanilla scent and dripping waxthe frostfire mooncandles with vanilla scent and dripping wax

The frostfire mooncandles with dripping wax are an ideal choice for homes that want the authenticity of a realistic looking candle but not the fuss of replacing them. These beauties come as a trio in sizes 3 ,4 and a 5 inch. They boast a remote control that not only changes the colour of the candles but works from a range of 20 feet. The frostfire mooncandle again is reasonably priced and each candle will glow for a modest 50,000 hours!.

There are many cheap flameless candles on offer and these are just a few of the very best.